Tuesday, September 06, 2005

My Blind Camera

My poor camera is spoilt. Very sad.. yesterday i finally brought it to the Sony Hospital at Wisma to do some surgery. My camera was throwing a tantrum yesterday as he refused to on itself for the sony guy. Finally the sony guy managed to coax it into powering itself. Sony guy tell me that the LCD totally black out already. Problem is not with the LCD but with the lens. Merde*! Something wrong with the eys of my camera. I know recently it has got red sore eyes, all the photos he took was reddish. Now he has become totally blind! Sad. Oh.. havent put title... The title will be... My Blind Camera.

The sony guy said that the surgery should take below $100, if it dont require to change his eyeballs totally. I told him if it is more than $100, he must call me to inform me, so that i can decide whether to go on with the surgery or get a new cam.. (sorry P72, i have no choice.. by the way my camera's name is P72).

Hopefully his surgery goes well.... Get well soon P72!

*Merde - means "Shit" in french, not the short form of mercedes!

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