Friday, October 09, 2009

Quanzhou - Anhai

Oh yes, I am back that's right.

We arrived faithfully at XiaMen on 29 Dec. Xiamen 厦门 was very warm and we didn't stay there for long. After our arrival, we immediately took a coach to An Hai 安海. Anhai is about 1 hour plus of coach ride from Xiamen.

I didn't bring my camera for the trip because I didn't plan to take many photos so I just took some photos with my phone.

Here is my first joyful experience in Anhai, feet massage. It was shiok but at first, it felt too ticklish that me and Yayi kept laughing like mad. Biyu and Uncle Lim were with us in the same room but they were very quiet, like totally enjoying the massage. Me and Yayi on the other hand were talking and laughing like mad.

The time was about 11+pm, we took a foot massage (60min) and a back massage (12min) for RMB58! Not bad a deal right?

My feet taking a herbal bath.

This time I bought ah gou along to the trip. He was also very popular with the aunties.

Yayi, aka ponyo, enjoying the massage.

After massaging, my feet were taking a rest.

As Anhai is a city by the sea, we were treated with a lot of seafood. It was yummy but I really can't believe the appetite of Chinese people.

Ponyo loves Ah gou too!

Saw this bridal car outside our hotel. It looks different from the ones in Singapore right! Which is nicer?

I did say that the chinese have great appetites right? Well, throughout my stay there, except for the last 3 days, all the meals were a full chinese sit down dinner type of meal. And in Singapore, most of our dinners are at most 10 courses right?

Unfortunately, in china, each of our meals has at LEAST 12 courses and the most I had was 15 courses! Is that crazy or wat? We cannot finish all that food at all! And moreover, it's for every lunch and dinner. We can eat lunch till 3pm then the host will remind us to come back for dinner at 6pm! Another 15 course meal.

At the end, I just eat a little from each course because it is not possible to finish everything. Apparently, the waitresses know that too and they sometimes clear off the dishes even though it was only half eaten. Scary!

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