Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Birthday celebration or company outing?

Yesterday i was supposed to meet Richard for dinner. He gonna give me a treat to celebrate. I was happy at first as i know he will probably invite my other opera friends along then we can gossip, talk rubbish... together.

Unfortunately, i was very kpo, i told susan (my boss, who also do opera) that Richard is inviting me for dinner tonight cuz it's my birth birth birth birthday! ( i dunno where i heard this song from but it just stayed in my mind.)

Susan say: Aiyah u never tell me, if not i can treat u eat lunch. Never mind, this evening i join u all for dinner la. I will treat u all. To thank Richard for his help in our last performance and to thank your mum for ironing the costume.

Oh no.. Susan is a vegetarian. That means we will have to eat in a vegetarian restaurant. Not that i have got anything against vegetarian or vegettables, in fact i love vegetables but today i just dont feel like eating in vegetarian restaurant.

After a while, I got over it and still look forward to tonight's dinner. Susan told Richard she gonna join but we will be late as i knock off at 6pm and we gotta go back tto fetch my mum first. So i told richard, we maybe reach at around 7pm.

After that susan went out, when she came back she told me, "I asked Desmond (My big boss, fussy and strict boss) along leh."

Immediately i jumped.

Me: WHAT?!

Susan: Why leh? He say he want to join your birthday celebration too.

Me: Isn't this personal birthday celebration going to become a company outing like this?

Susan: Won't one lah.

Me: He is boss mah.

Susan: He is your boss and your friend also.

Me: haiz. Ok la. (what more can i say.)

Later on, Desmond came into the office. He invited Sam (Sam is Desmond's boss) over to chat abit. Then i heard the below conversation which freaked me out.

Desmond: Later we gonna have dinner at Lao Di Fang.

Sam: wah, vegetarian restaurant.

Desmond: You want to join or not?

Sam: Can't, gotta go home for dinner.

Desmond: Come la, come sit awhile drink tea.

Sam: Can't leh, cannot go home late tonight.

Desmond: don't say no so fast la, go consider abit. Later if u want to come, u call me ok.

Sam: Ok la see how.

$#%$#% ... this is really a company outing already. I can already imagine all of them talking about properties during dinner and everyone will forget that its actually my bday. When i told susan this, she told me,"good what, then they won't ask you questions, like how old are u.. etc"

good meh?

Then susan say, " i gotta call my husband."

Me: You are going to invite him also?

Susan: Can i? *grin*

Me: You already invited Desmond and Desmond invited Sam, it doesn't make a diff if your husband come.

So in the end, she invited her husband.

At 6:15pm, me and susan left office. It started to rain.. real heavy rain ok! Not only cats and dogs, but lions and elephants. There was abit of a jam and when we reached my home, its already 6:45pm.

After that, we went over to Singapore Post there to fetch susan's husband. There was again, a mega traffic jam. When we reach Singapore post, its already 7:20pm.

Then we got into this MEGA SUPER MULTI ULTRA JAM. The last time i experienced such a jam was when my father drove us to choa chu kang to sweep my grandma's tomb during qing ming 10 years ago.

Wah.... We stuck in the jam from Paya Lebar, all the way to STEVENS rd. The whole CTE and PIE was jammed. Finally we reached our destination, Coronation Plaza, Miao Yi restaurant at 8:30. Richard already foaming in the mouth from hunger.

The dinner was not bad, i was sitting in between richard and desmond. So i didn't take photos. So weird lor.. sitting in between my boss and richard, i just stayed quiet throughout dinner.
My sister was the elated one. She keep blabbering non stop and play with susan.

Finally after dinner, Richard whispered me that we will go for another dinner, another day.

Conclusion: Miao Yi restaurant is not bad and thanks susan for the treat!

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