Monday, September 19, 2005

Mr and Mrs Toh (2)

(Continue from Mr and Mrs Toh 1)

After the couple signed the cert, the old man signed too:

The ceremony officially ends here after the old man, and the wittnesses signed the papers. Mr Teo then present the cert to Mr and Mrs Toh.

Ok... now for the photo shooting session, i took quite a number of photos but i will just load a few here. :)

Then we had lunch together in this restaurant:

Yeah... finally after the solemnisation, we can have a hearty lunch! Then i noticed something on my table:

I had tea in wine glass too! Hahaha..... Ok... The lunch was fine. In fact i think it was quite good. Fussy PJ said it was ok.

Finally the last photo of this 2 very long blog entries :

Aaaahhh.. Flowers and ring. You see?

Congrats PJ!

After PJ's ROM, i went to meet my ex polymates to eat mooncakes. Well, that will be another blog entry. :D

* Please note that some parts of the entries are totally fiction. Thank you!

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