Thursday, February 28, 2008

Valentine's Day Present

I want to blog on my Iran trip but it is a massive mega entry and I am spending time to edit the photos. So that entry will come in later. Meanwhile, I just want to blog this Valentine's present I recieved. This is the only Valentine's present I recieved this year lor.

A pink rose! It's my favourite colour some more. Though it is not an expensive present, I think it is a sincere gift. This rose was hand made from a long pink ribbon and according to the giver, it took a long time to make because the material of the ribbon is very slippery.

I think it is very well made and very pretty. Don't you think so? Aww...

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bad Mood

I don't know why but I seems to be always in a bad mood. I know it's bad to keep having bad moods and think of bad things. Unfortunately, my brain is so full of bad things. I think they are clogging up my brain nerves and hence I cannot think properly.

Why is it that other people can live happily and not think so much?

Again I know that many people told me not to think too much but it is not something I can control. Sometimes I wonder if it's the brain that is controlling me or me controlling my brain.

It seems apparent to me now that all these times, my brain is controlling me. My brain want to bring out the unhappy thoughts, I cannot stop it. I wish I can just take out my brain, put it on the table and use a scissors to cut out all the unhappy memories. Since I don't know what is making me unhappy, I will cut out everything lor!

Haiz.. I think I am a burden to everyone around me....

Monday, February 18, 2008

I am back again~

I am back in Singapore in one whole piece. :)

First thing first, I want to declare that I will blog whatever I want in my blog and type whatever I want to type. Nobody will affect my decision on what to type so don't tell me what to do... If not happy then don't read lor. I didn't force you.

(recieved some nonsense msg on what to type in my blog so I think I should declare this.)

I haven't got time to do up the pictures yet cuz the internet at home is down. (dammit) So I am just writing something here first to let you guys know that I am back safely.

How was the trip? You might ask.

I want to tell everyone that it was FABULOUS!

Many will think that Iran is a war torn country and there is probably nothing much to see but that is SO SO WRONG! Iran is really a beautiful place. It looks like Turkey or Persia. The people there are fair skinned and has got dark features. In fact we agreed that the women there are very pretty. They got big round eyes and deep features. The guys are cute also. You will know what I mean if you see the photos.

We visited the snow mountain. It was SO BEAUTIFUL! It's the first time in my life to see snow and it was snowing so hard that the snow flakes were pratically hitting my face. If I stand outside, I will be covered in snow in about 2 minutes. Everyone was ecstatic to see snow and all went mad. QY went mad and threw snowballs at everyone. YH told me that she doesn't want to go back to Singapore le. She want to stay in that snow mountain forever. Hahaha.. I miss that snow mountain. So pretty... breathtakingly pretty. I didn't really walk on the thick snow cuz my shoes will get wet but I saw QY they all stomping and keep falling down the the fluffy soft, knee-deep snow. So fun~

Overall, this performance trip was better than the Indonesia and Taiwan trip. The Taiwan trip we didn't even get to go out much and there is nothing surprising to see in TW. For the Indonesia trip, we spent most of the time performing...

Think I will take some time before I can blog the photos because I am waiting for the photos from other people. They have got more photos and I didn't take any photos for first 3 days. Hopefully by this week I can get the photos.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bye Bye Everyone!

In about 3 hours, I will be going to the airport! Then I will be taking an 8 hours flight to Doha which we will wait for another 8 hours to transit. Will you miss me when I am gone? Hee Hee...

I won't be updating for another 8 days or so~ And Chua told us not to take photos on the streets of Iran so no choice. I will take photos of the theatre then... We were not allowed to wander about on the streets alone too.. Don't think we will get to go out much.

See u guys in another week lor!

CNY Questions

Just saw BX blog about relative's questionings. I got alot of those also leh.. hahaha... But hor, I very atittude. Every year ask the same questions not sian meh?

1) If they ask about career, I will give them my namecard.

2) If they ask about bf, this year I got new answer,"Erm, I got 4 bfs, which one you refer to?"
My aunt answered me,"That one lor.."
I replied,"I treat them all the same, you want to see which one I bring let you see lor..."


Think most of the times, my relatives will leave me alone. They will ask me when I am performing etc but I never see them come watch so I dunno why they ask me. :P

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Last Minute Cancellation

Have I ever mention this in my blog before? I think so. I think I did.

Yday, I was having the conversation at home with my parents. (Dammit, reached home at 12+am yday, rehearse till almost 11pm and went to take winter clothes from Susan) My mum was saying that my aunt is not coming to our place for reunion dinner tomorrow.

Me: What?! (Apparently my father already knows about it cuz he got no reaction)

Mum: Cuz your uncle need to work so they can't come.

Me: But we already bought all the ingredients. If they dun wanna come then they should inform us earlier or at least they should come without uncle. How can last minute cancel?

Father: Yah la, we bought so many things and plan that day to rush home and cook. If I know they not coming we can go out eat. Now too late to book at any restaurants.

Me: So what was your reaction when they told you they not coming? Did you give them a good thrashing and tell them don't do such stupid things again?

Mum: No la..

Father: Your mum won't do this kind of thing. I will scold them when I see them.

Me: Wah lau.. Lao ma, if I were you, I would have said something like,"What the hell?! You think you can just say you want to come then come and want to cancel just cancel? You make me buy all the things to prepare for the day and now you are telling me this? You'd better come or you DIE!"

Heck it's CNY, I will still curse.

Father: Your mum won't say that kind of thing. She will just say," ok lor.. nvm lor."


Apparently, I am not like my mum. I think I behave more like my father.

Me: I won't easily let them off like that without a good scolding lor.

Mum: Ya, I still remember that time you gave Tian a good thrash when she last minute say she can't meet you. hahah so funny.

Haiz.. I cannot tolerate people who last minute cancel appointments. I already prepared and save the time slot for you and you say you don't wanna come? I will scold that person upside down lor. I know of a few people around me who are like that so sometimes I let them taste their own medicine.

Stupid May also say wanna go GZ with me in the end she never go. I also very pekcek but since she forfeited her air ticket money, I let her off. Bala also last minute don't wanna go GZ. For him I got give a good thrashing lor but Bala is stubborn. Think he will remain like that.

That reminded me of the topic of empty promises. I think if you can't do it then don't say it. All talk no actions, what kind of loser is that?! Especially MEN. They like to talk all kinds of nonsense which they don't intend to do. Then after some time, they will remove the mask on their faces and show you what kind of shit they actually are behind those sweet talks.

Oh yah, ESPECIALLY TAIWANESE. They are good at that. All talk no actions. Like I said before. What kind of government will raise what kind of citizens. Look at Taiwan gov. Sucks lor, all talk only. So the citizens are the same. They followed the example of their government.

So now, I don't believe in anything a men or a taiwanese said. It's all crap.

Disclaimer: Don't try to flame me if there are Taiwan fans reading this. It's my personal view on things. Don't need to try to correct me or declare your love for Taiwan. Thanks!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Lousy Day

Today has been a lousy day. I don't know why but I have been quite unahppy today. Maybe it's because something not that nice happened that it reminded me of another which made me unhappy and it again linked to another unhappy thought.

I think my unhappy memories are like nodes connected to each other. One unhappy node is connected to 5 other unhappy nodes. Once one unhappy node is activated, it will activate another 5 unhappy nodes and so on. So now, I feel very unhappy cuz all my unhappy nodes have been activated.

Haiz.. once again, I wish I am better off dead than handling all these things.

I am going to Iran this Saturday, a total of 10 hours flight plus 8 hours transit. I think I will be so dead tired by the time I reach there.

Many people have warned me that Iran is dangerous and there are terrorists etc but I fuck care lah. If I am destined to die there then just die there lor. Everything is destined mah and I doubt if anything will happen to me. Normally people wish to have long life will die early while those who want to die will have a long life. I think I will have a long life lor. Hahaha~So apparently I am going to have a safe journey.