Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Dearest PS2. Please wake up...... Are you dead or what? Refusing to move like that? I put the disc inside you, you also no reaction like it wasn't there at all. Even when you react, you behaved like you haven't eaten for the past 2 months. No energy at all and making funny noises.

Not like I treat you very bad or what. I never slam you or drop you before but now you want to die on me! What the hell?

I know you are getting on with your years but you are not that old ok. Only 3 years!! Not old to the extent that you cannot even spin a f***ing disc.

I spent so much time with you, day and night, day and night, night and day, played with you. It's not very fair that you now die on me when I just bought like 15 games! Don't tell you are exhausted because you are not! There are people who use a PS2 24/7 and they didn't have problems.

Last resort. I am sending you into the hospital for a check up. Ask the guys there to unscrew you and see what's wrong with your organs. Especially that eyeball of yours. It's not beaming at all. Haiz. Weak. Just totally weak.

Pekcek, pekcek, pekcek!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Last Friday, I went back to NYP to visit and remind myself of the wonderful 3 years I spent there. It was truly a very memorable time! Life was so carefree and I had many good friends!

I was very lucky to get into Media Design course which only had vacancy for about 200 students and I was 1 point above the cut off point of 16.

First of all, I brought KL to the Business Canteen. We called it the business canteen because it's near to the school of business. This canteen is at the North side and my school of Design was at the South side but the food here is SO good that we used to go all the way there to eat. However, I found out that my favourite stall was gone~ Sad! There was a stall which sold Mango chicken chop. Very nice one leh!

I bought papaya milk there for only $1.20. Yummy! I drank alot of papaya milk when I was in NYP.

Then I brought KL to the sports area where all the sports facilities are. We can't go into the swimming pool, only students can. Sad. I went back to the hockey pitch where my classmates used to play soccer on every Wednesday evening till about 8 or 9pm. I don't play soccer but I will always watch them at those stone seats in the pic below. Sometimes, they will take a break and entertain me for awhile.

All my friends in poly were guys. I think I get along with them better than the girls, dunno why. Then everytime after playing soccer, we will go to the animation room to enjoy the cool air-con, making the whole room stink of sweat.

The animation room used to be at Blk K in the School of health science, forgot which floor. Our course used to 'borrow' rooms from other schools because our block was soooo small! other people's one got 6 storeys but ours only got 4.

However, I found out that the animation room has moved back to Block M. They converted 4 of the staff room into the animation room. I can see that the students are doing the 'head turning' assignment. They will have to draw a head turning using 2D animation.

Surprise surprise! Some of the old works which were already there during our time are still there! I remember this dotting drawing which I think was fantastic. I don't know who did it though.

Wah, the JUMPING RICE SACK! Lol... I remember this project. It was very fun. We had to come up with a short story of the rice sack jumping around and doing some stuff. Then of course we had to animate it. Think the whole animation lasted only 2 min but we took like a month to do.

Figure of 'Monkey Match'! I remember that Monkey Match was an animation project done by one of my classmates. He did a really good job and this animation of his got a Gold Award. The story was really funny. I remember its about a monkey disturbing a hunter.

Then I went to the Atrium to get a copy of my transcript. My results were quite lousy but I think I still need to get that transcript for memory's sake. I lost my one already.

The engineering canteen. The business canteen got a face-lift but enginnering canteen like same leh..... Think the stalls also same.. Hahaha

Oh man, I miss the NYP days so much... KL and me saw a nice jacket at the NYP shop and we got one for each of us~

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Went Shopping with May

Today I met May Teng to go shopping at orchard. We very long never go shopping liao. Finally got chance to shop so I was very happy. Else my life sucks, boring.

Outside Taka, we saw these cute things.. Lol..

What is this? Dunno lor but they looked very funny and they dragged their feet when walking.

Lol, cute right.

When we went over to go to Isetan, we saw this white Lamborghini... Woot!

And this one is very special right!

May got flu, she went to Guardian to buy a medicine Fedac. She told the counter woman that she want Fedac but apparently, she is not the pharmacist. So she used Webcam, yes de WEB CAM, and ask the real pharmacist (god knows where) what is Fedac. The pharmacist told her, she searched and held the pills close to the webcam to show the person on the other side. So funny lor and the pharmacist's voice was booming over the speakers so loudly that everyone in the store can hear what he is conversing with his friends. :D

Later on, I told may that I want to go put diamonds on my hair so we went to find the shop and I was very happy that it was just $3 per crystal. Lol... I put 5 but now I feel that I should put more.

May saw me put and she felt that its a good idea too because she likes shiny stuff and after much consideration, she decided to do it to..

I took this photo at home. May got help me take one photo but that phot can see my ugly face so I took another one myself. Nice right my crystal! It's pink and white colour. I going to put more soon and perhaps I will put fake red strands of hair around my head.

And this is a pic of May with her pink and white crystals too. Nice right??? This is a permanent thing lor, it can last for about 2 months. Think if got perf, I should go put more. Very nice.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Concert de Lee Hom

On 1 Nov, I went to see Lee Hom's concert, MUSIC-MAN. It was a fabulous concert!

My ticket costs me $154!!! Starhub gave out free whistles which was a bad move because it made too much noise in the enclosed stadium. My friend sat in front of a super fan who kept blowing whistle and she almost went deaf! We didn't use the whistle at all. Didn't want to add on the noise.

North Entrance, we go in here.

It's big inside the indoor stadium. Heard that there are about 10,000 seats and it was a full house!

Mung Mung inside the stadium with me. He also like Lee Hom! I gave the whistle to him because I know that he can't blow it. Lol...

My friend Junhua and his gf. He got each of us a light stick and I got a pink one!

My pink light stick and Mung Mung.

There was a goody bag on each seat and inside the it, I found this balloon thingy which comes in a pair and make lots of noise when hit against each other. I asked Junhua's gf to take this pic for me while I blow the balloon but Junhua kept talking nonsense and made me laugh. Thus the ugly pic.

Look at the crowd!!!!!

The theme of the concert was super hero. Lee Hom said that if he can choose to be one of the super heros, he will choose to be Music Man.

The very big LED screen can let all the audience see Lee Hom clearly.

Talented Lee Hom played the violin, piano, guitar and drums in the concert. He also played erhu in his previous concert too.

After he finished singing one of my fav song, Zai Mei Bian, he disappeared into a box and within a second, appeared right on the aisle very close to us! Wow, magic!

Lee Hom 'poof' and appeared. Can't see clearly but he appeared right there. Btw, all photos were taken by my hp. I didn't bring my digi cam and that was a mistake!

Pictures from 'Lust Cautious'. Awww, he's so cute aint he?

Coming next was my favourite part, the chinese opera theme!!!! He sang Gai Shi Ying Xiong as per the photo above. It was WONDERFUL how he can mix beijing opera and kunqu into his music. Simply lovin it.

Opera theme... super nice!

The concert ended with a comic picture of Music Man......

It's Lee Hom's concert, how can the blog end without some decent pictures of him to show how cute he is???

Handsome! My cup of tea. Lol, but not May's. She don't like this kind. To her, he is too ah gua... where got ah gua? He also very muscular!

Overall great concert. We dance and sang together. It was fun. I think if you watch a concert, you must know many songs from that singer so that you can fully enjoy, sing along and dance~

Wu Xia Butterfly Lovers

Went to see this yesterday at Kallang and surprisingly I didn't shed a tear~ Woot~ Previously when I saw the one done by Nicky Wu and Yang Cai Ni, I cried like hell but this time the feeling just wasn't so right.

First of all, the build up of the plot is not good enough. Just don't feel that sad for the couple when they were separated. I cannot feel Liang's strong love for Zhu though he did die for her.

Also, I think that Wu Zun is not that suitable for this kind of heroic wu xia roles. He just don't give that kind of wu xia look. I think he is more suitable to do the youth idol drama or perhaps the original version of Liang Zhu. He would probably do better if this is the original liang zhu.

In comparison, I think this Hu Ge got more of the wu xia look than Wu zun. Anyway I think the movie is targeted at the youth idol drama audience which I am not one. So maybe that's the reason why I didn't cry.


The plot copied a little of Romeo and Juliet where one is mistaken that the other died. I went to see it with KL and we both saw how the plot was going to end when it comes to the part where Harlem suggested Choi to fake death. I told KL that Choi probably will be buried alive and she did.


The movie can be better if they tweak the plot a little and add more touching lines and scenes.

The one done by Nicky and Yang Cai Ni, directed by Tsui Hark was much better. It left me a really deep impression and many of the scenes are still vivid in my mind. I think it's the only liang zhu that I cried for (regardless of opera or movie)~ Hahaha... Probably because the director is better. Tsui Hark is good.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Good Cosplay

Came across some really GOOD cosplay when I was looking for some information on FF. They really look like the characters in the game! I have got a German friend who was good at cosplay too but I don't have her photo here.

Posing as Khimari. This person has got all the details. I wonder how he/she made the face.

Posing as Lulu. Though her face doesn't look like Lulu, I think she did a wonderful job in producing this costume and hairstyle. Looked exactly like the game.

Cloud. He looks a bit petite for Cloud but still, he has done a good job with the hair and costumes.

This one does looks like cloud with the face half covered. Just that Cloud has got rebonded silky hair instead of this.

This one also, good costume but the face don't looke like Yuna. I think the face can't be helped ba.

Vincent Valentine. My german friend cosplayed as him before and she has done a wonderful job on the costumes and props. This person above and below also did a good job. Look at the gun and the hand.

But this person a bit girlish liao, Vincent was more manly in the game. I don't even know if it's a guy or girl.....

Yuna. If the eyes bigger, I think she will look abit like yuna.

Lock's fav character, Rikku. He likes her because she is sexy. Lol...

The hair is very nice...

This one is very very good because even the face looks like Tifa.

The last pic on the right is Tifa in the game and the 2 pics on the left are the cosplay photos. Really looks like right? Too bad the wig is not very nice, not rebonded enough.

This is Yojimbo the Aeon. No face so cannot compare but the costume, mask and hat all very detailed and looks like yojimbo in the game.

Auron, good costume! Dunno how they make the costumes.

Another one of Yuna. Yuna is a very popular character to cosplay.

Haha, this one is so cute, baby yuna and baby tidus!