Saturday, September 03, 2005

My french class was...

Yah... I finally went back to taking french last thursday. I got an email to inform me that i will be going to classroom 401. So i happily went to search for my classroom at 6:30pm (my class starts 6:30pm). I saw the metal tag on the door first, '401', so i entered.

There were only like 4 person in the classrooom, 3 of them were caucasians, sitting opposite each other, and one chinese sitting remotely at a corner. Hmm.. Racist or wat? The 3 caucasians were chatting happily while the lone ranger chinese was sitting there alone, flipping a dictionary (maybe pretending to be hardworking. hee hee). It gives the impression that chinese people are stuckups, reluctant to socialise with others.

To give u a better picture, i drew a cute layout of the class.

Legend: Black rectangle - Table (the tables were black in the school)
Blue spot - chinese lone ranger
Purple spot - British (not trying to say their gay, but purple is their royal colour!)
Yellow spot - Australian
Green spot - i dont know.. i think she is american
Pink spot - Me!

Cute isnt it?

ok... So i was sitting there listening the conversation of the 3 caucasians while pretending to search in my bag for pens. I heard the purple spot asking the yellow spot, "what do you do for a living?".

Yellow,"oh i am a lawyer. and you?"

purple,"Oh i am a scientist at NTU. What about you?(looking at green spot)"

Green,"I am a teacher for students with special needs."

OMG.. Do i feel small! I was so afraid they will ask me this question too. So i quickly fish out my hp and pretend to make phone calls. Sometimes i hate coming to french classes becuz the people who come are usually those higher class people. Lawyers, doctors.. etc. I do get to know nice lawyers in this school but i still feel small in a converstation like this. Fortunately, after pretending to make a phone call, the teacher came into the class, thus ending my awkward situation.

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