Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shoe shelf??

Yesterday, i was talking to my father complaining my messy room and told him that i must get a bookshelf soon.

I said,"I want to buy 'shu jia' leh."

Father,"what shoe shelf? you want shoe shelf for ?" (win already, act blur with me.)

me,"I say book shelf hor! bookshelf can?"

Baby sister who is listening in a corner tried to imitate us, "MYSELF... myself... "

Shu jia, shoe shelf, book shelf and myself! -_-


After the shu jia incident, i start to type my blog and choose a new template. You know the put this big big " CHOOSE A TEMPLATE " title on the top of the page.

My father just finish bathing and he sit down beside the monitor to see what i am doing.

Father,"Choose a temple? I choose Toa Payoh Shuang Lin Si."

Me,"HELLO! is choose a template, not choose a temple ok!"

Father,"aiyah, i don't care, i see the 'choose a tem...' i immediately think it is 'choose a temple' because i dont have the word 'template' in my vocab. I only know two words with 'tem'. Temple and Tempted. Cannot be 'Choose a tempted', so must be 'Choose a temple' lah!"

Like that also can..... So i say,"don't disturb me writing blog la."

Father,"what block? We stay at block 148 ok."

me : @_@


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