Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Mt Telecabin Tochal (3)

~~~~SNOW STORM~~~~

You might ask how heavy the snowing was. Maybe you can get some ideas from the photo below.

This was taken at 1200m above sea level. The rest of this entry is all about this area of the mountain.

This photo is blur not because my camera lens were fogged. It's because the snow was too thick and the wind was strong.
And it was knee-deep....
What's with this Ali baba pose? Hahaha..

QY: Brrrr... Cold leh....

QY: Maybe tasting the ice will make me feel less cold...

Hahahah.. weird lor.. funny QY.

There is a small shop just beside the cable car station. They serve hot tea and sold snacks. We ordered a total of 12 cups of tea for everyone. Everyone couldn't wait to land their cold palms on some hot surface. QY even suggested me to put my palms onto that metal tub you see in the above picture. That tub was used to contain the tea. Their tea is quite special and the sugar they used was a big brown lump.

Cheers~ Taking photos with the Iranians. We took alot of photos with the Iranians in fact. They were sporting and friendly people. When they saw us taking photos, they all ran over and joined in! We didn't even asked them to join in! So funny....

A series of super funny group photos we took before the Iranians joined in.

In this above photo, nai ba and kanglong were actually carrying me! 'Put me down!!!'

The above few pics were taken with multi burst. hee heee.. cute right?

2 Iranians joined us in photo taking...

Then a few more Iranians started joining us.....

And more....
And more....

And alot more! hahaha.. Seems like they were having fun joining us in the photo taking. Can you see me? I am once again hidden lor.

Behaving like good brothers.
Nai ba! Put me down!! Naiba tried to carry me but I think I was too heavy for him la....

Then Kanglong and Naiba combined powers! I said,"PUT ME DOWN!"

Then they decided to lift QY up too!

Then QY seems to enjoy being lifted up, kicking around like a kid.

I dunno why suddenly Li lao shi decided to mop the floor. Maybe cuz the floor was too slippery he was afraid to fall down? So funny lor..

Some interesting stuff we saw around the mountain.

I wonder if the bike can still work after being forzen like this. Totally covered in snow.

I wonder if this works too. Apparently, no one will want to ride on it and make themself dizzy in a weather like this. Imagine if you puke, your puke will be frozen and preserved there. EEE.... :P

Nice and romantic place~! I think it will be nice to sit here and drink hot tea when it's not snowing....

I like this photo very much! But I didn't see these telephone booths there. Awww.. missed it. I wonder who took this and where he took it...

Nice trees... Looked like some scenery from the korean shows~

I will blog the disasterous coach waiting incident after we left the mountain next time~

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mt Telecabin Tochal (2)

Continued from my previous blog on Adventure in Mt TT. I think we walked for about 30min before reaching the cable car station. By that time, Ang was already very tired and she wanted to go back to hotel soon. We told her that we are taking the cable car up while she can stay at the cafe there for a break. She told us to be back in 1 hour but I think nobody listened to her....

Another photo Tehran from Mt TT. You can get a clearer view here.

QY: Stomp Stomp....
Me: Nooo...
Naiba: Phew.. Tired...

Hahaha.. I also don't know what were doing in the above photo. QY~ Why you pull your skirt up so high? It's forbidden in Iran to be so arousing lor!

Falzi was trying to balance a snowball on his head.

And he made Naiba join him!

The snow was getting heavier. Naiba put his coat on me, afraid that I will be cold. I looked like a rice dumpling lor.

Bala and Xin en... Bala looked very happy to play with the snow~ hahaha.. I realized that Bala always got funny expressions.

Bala and Xin En again.

Around the cable car station, there were a few cafes and shops. They sold hot food for the tourists but I didn't dare to eat. The food looked weird! Anyway, I didn't felt like eating. Too cold to move.

Awwww.. So sweet, naiba was feeding Bala. I tried eating this bowl of noodle-like substance. It tasted sour. Strange taste and I didn't like it very much but Naiba made me eat some. He said that I should warm my stomach.

The cafe and foodstall. See we were all crowding in front of it. Discussing about taking the cable car up. Note that the ground was still clear of snow at this time.
After an hour of waiting for the cable car tickets, the ground looked like the above photo already! Amazing right....

Say Cheese~ Group photo taken at the front of the cafe. Can you see where I am? I am right behind. At this point of time, I was already so frozen that I don't feel like moving a muscle. I didn't bring enough warm clothes and I didn't expect to experience such freezing temperatures.

See my face? Like a sick face lor. My toes were very painful at that time. I only put on a pair of socks (unlike others who put on 3 pairs) and my toes were numb and frozen. I can only feel the pain and when I tried moving them, they felt numb. I kept on kping that my toes were very painful then QY suggested that I take off my boots and wrap some tissue around them.

I didn't want to do that at first because it was too cold and I didn't want to move my painful toes. Many of them advice me to wriggle them to increase blood circulation which I did but they still hurt. Moreover my boots were wet. Water already seeped in. I was too cold and I didn't want to move at all. I just stood there and stone, trying to ignore the pain. I was so worried that my toes will break off..

Finally Naiba came and he also told me to remove my boots and wrap my toes with tissue. I told him I can't move because I am very cold. In the end, he knelt down and removed my boots for me. I was rather surprised with this action as normally guys won't do this sort of things. So he removed my boots, put my feet on his lap, wrap tissue around my toes and put my boots back for me. Then he said,"I am such a good nanny, which nai ba will actually remove your shoes for you? I think only me lor."

Awww.. so sweet.

We waited for a long time before we got the tickets for the cable car. Then we waited for another very long time before we can take one as there was a bloody long queue! Look at the photo above. The queue was super long because that day was a holiday for the Iranians. Notice the Nescafe booth in front? They serve free coffee for the passengers. Even though I don't really like coffee, the cup of hot coffee was like paradise to me when it was so cold. It really helped to warm up a lot.

Me in queue.. My feet still hurt but they were slightly better after naiba wrap them with tissue. So I can still manage to smile abit.

Drinking coffee in the cable car. The cable car can accommodate 6 people in each one. I am sorry that I looked like mad woman. It was terrible to have my hair messed up, a scarf around me and painful toes all at the same time.

Li lao shi accepted an offer from an Iranian for a sip of strong liquor in the cable car. He look as if he and that Iranian are brothers~

Below is a video of crazy people playing in the snow. You can hear lots of laughter and crazy qy and nai ba in action~!

Crazy video... When we arrived at our destination, 1200m above sea level, a snow storm greeted us!