Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ultimate Stomach Pain

Didn't get to sleep much last night. I fell asleep at 12+ then within an hour, I was woken up by a mega stomach pain. It's something like a stomach cramp + gastric pain. I only know it's very painful that I can't sleep. When the pain subsided abit, I fell asleep again. Suddenly the pain is back then I woke up again.

Pek cek lor. Cannot sleep properly also.

Then at 7+am, it was mega pain again that I can't get up but I forced myself to get up to go company clinic. After walking for awhile and taking the train, the pain like better liao. Not so painful. So I went to office first to put my bag then go to company clinic. The doctor I saw today was not the usual doctor I know. It was another doctor I never seen before. Haiz, she press press my tummy then asked me questions. Apparently, it's not stomach flu or urine problem so she conclude that it might be severe muscle spasm. I don't know what the hell is that. She gave me super strong pain killers and gastric pills.

After that I took the blood pressure test and the results shows that I got low blood pressure. She told me that one of the symptoms of low blood pressure is grogginess when turning your head too fast. That does happen sometimes and that also explain why I hate to use squatting toilet. Cuz I will blackout when I stand up and I will need to stand there for awhile until the blackout fades away.

In the end I still went for work today. I think it's not so bad after taking painkillers. Still can tahan lor....

Monday, June 23, 2008

Air tickets going up

Because of the rising fuel costs all over the world. The price of air tickets have gone up to. Previously, the fuel surcharge for going to Guangzhou was $167. Now it's $240! Mad or what??? Haiz. I am now having second thought on whether I should go holidays.

At first my cousins and I were planning to go Guangzhou somewhere this year but I am considering again to go or not because the ticket price has rose. Some more I might be buying costumes so I got to save that money for costumes. Siong leh like that.

I told YH yday that if she goes to TW, she can help me buy costumes lor. Then I no need to go personally. But then again, I don't know if I will like the designs she choose. She told me that I should trust her because alot of expermients show that we indeed got similiar tastes. Hmm.. See how lor. Going TW personally to buy costume will to pay an extra of $1000 or so for misc stuff like air tickets, hotel, transport and food. So ultimately, I think asking YH to choose for me will be more cost effective.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Woodlands Jetty

I went to Woodlands Jetty some time ago to walk walk. It was a fine day and there were some people there fishing and doing nothing. Kanglong told me that he once saw a crocodile there. I think it swam over from Malaysia lor. How can Singapore got crocodiles right? They are all in the zoo liao.

Anyway we saw alot of monkeys at the jetty. They were doing nothing, idling around, attacking the rubbish that people left behind.
Monkeys are such carefree creatures....

Free roaming monkeys wondering around the road. There are few cars there so it's still quite safe for them to run around.

Monkey licking the water bottle. It removed the plastic wrapping and started licking it. I don't why the hell it's licking the bottle as there's nothing on it.

2 monkeys~

Look at this small monkey. It was all drenched. Think he maybe took a bath at the drain below.

The drenched monkey posing for me while I took his photo.

Other people taking photos and playing with the monkeys. I think the monkeys enjoyed all the attention too. hahaha...

Company treated us dinner yesterday and Lock ordered a banana milkshake with nuts named Monkey Business.

Me : Monkey like nuts meh?

Lock : I think so, monkey got eat nuts.

Me : They shell the nuts themselves?

Lock : Don't know but I think they buy shelled nuts...

Me : I only know monkeys can peel bananas.

Lock : And they can drink coconut juice. They can break the husks with their hands.

Me : Yah, very powerful hands.

Lock : What a life monkey has.. Roaming the beaches, drinking coconut juice and eating bananas. Think monkeys got one of the best life in the world.

Me : Yah lor, let's be monkeys in our next life.

Hahaha.. conclusion is monkey got good life. They roam the beach, eat the bananas and drink coconut juice....

May got new laptop

May told me that she bought a new laptop at $1999 and I think it's a Sony Vaio cuz she said its pink with pink mouse. Only Vaio has got the whole set in pink.

So I told her...

Me: You got no use for a laptop lor. All you do is check mail. You don't even surf net or do research.
May: I consider very long then buy. It's very nice and everything is pink. I can use MSN mah.
Me: You know how to use MSN meh?
May Yah la. And I still can download songs.
Me: You know how to download songs meh?

Funny lor, I don't think she is a heavy computer user. Anyway since she got a laptop already, I told her that it's high time she revive her long-dead blog. She told me she will try to blog again. So we can expect her to kp again soon... in her own blog..

PS: And stop telling us wat to blog lor....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Once again, I must get sick when it's near to performance! What the hell lor! Sore throat, flu.. I think I am going to die soon. I don't know why I must fall sick during this time. It's not that I super stress or what. This show already act before lor so the stress level not that high.

This sunday dunno how to perform sia. I hope I will recover by then. Luckily I don't have many songs. I think I only got 4 or 5 songs. But still.. haiz.. everybody will think i suck lor cuz I cannot even sing properly liao. Pek Cek!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nice Song

Lock intro a song to me today and I think it's rather nice. I like the music and the lyrics are quite nice too.

Lock told me that someone interpreted the lyrics as the guy trying to kill himself with the rope and stuff. Think it's subjective lor... but still listen to the song. It's nice.

Timbaland - Apologize
I'm holding on your rope,
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I'm hearing what you say
but I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down,
but waitYou tell me that you're sorry
Didn't think I'd turn around, and say...

That it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I'd take another chance, take a fall
Take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
But it's nothing new - yeah yeah

I loved you with the fire red-
Now it's turning blue,
and you say..."Sorry" like the angel
heaven let me think was you
But I'm afraid...

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late whoa.....

Bridge (guitar/piano)

It's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah-
I said it's too late to apologize, yeah-
I'm holding on your rope, got me ten feet off...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Incident in Iran

I said before that I want to blog about a bus waiting incident in Iran but in the end I never blog. Haiz, that's cuz I got no mood to write the entry already so I just leave it. Now got some mood so I better write it down before it's gone again.

The day we went to snow mountain, we were supposed to meet up at the foot of the mountain at 2pm for the coach to come pick us up.

However, there was a MEGA traffic jam! The coach couldn't reach us at all and so we waited... and waited... and waited...

Very boliao waiting for the coach so we decided to take more photos...

Ang very cold... she already cannot tahan and still got to wait for the coach. Think she must be very angry.. pek cek.. irritated and regretted coming at all. She didn't want to join us at first because she might not be able to stand the cold but I think Chua made her follow us cuz she is the head mah. Haiz.. she can don't come one lor. Then at least we won't feel so pressured even when playing.

Falzi pouting away because he slipped and fell...

Jiang da was collecting snow with his coat lor. Hahaha... then he can become snowman.

Aiyoh, Jiang Da and Naiba hugging each other lor.. trying to get some warmth issit.

After we took enough photos, we realised that we have been waiting there for quite long le and the coach was still kana stuck somewhere out there. We got a hard decision to make. To wait or to walk?

We didn't know how much longer we gotta wait but we also don't feel like walking on this slippery path downhill. Very dangerous leh. Later I fall and hit my backside.

Final decision was to walk down lah.. Ang cannot take it anymore. She want to get to the coach asap. Think the one in the picture above is YH..

I am glad we walked down anyway because we saw some interesting stuff.

Look! A cute post box which looked like a mushroom!

We saw lots of big fields of snow like the above on the way down. I think they were carparks. They accumulated lots of snow and Naiba couldn't resist it. He just got to go there and plunge himself into it.

Look at this, it was so deep lor. Can't even tell who the person in the photo is. Only know one of them is Jiangda. I didn't jump into it because plunging your leg in there is going to make my already wet jeans wetter and my already soggy socks, soggier.

We continued the way down. I was walking super slowly and carefully and Naiba as u can see above was holding on to me, afraid that I might slip. It was very super slippery lor. In the end I still slipped and fell and cuz Naiba was holding me, I pulled him down and we fell together. Hahaha~ yay~ want to fall must fall together mah right. What is YH doing in the photo above?

Jiangda and YH walking. It was a very nice street and I think it is one of the prime areas in Iran. The houses there were very new and nice looking and most of them were like condos. Must be for the rich people one.

Finally after walking for like 30 min, we reached a sheltered spot to wait for the coach. We stood there for like another 30 min for the coach to come. Ang was quiet all these time. She did comment that we all forget about her and go mad once we started playing. oops..

See this picture very nice:

The street where we waited for the coach was very very pretty. And so we started a frenzy session of photo taking again.

My godfather took a photo here.... Nice background right.. can make wallpaper le.

Falzi also took photo here. Look at the houses behind. Finally the coach arrived and we scarmble on to it, all shivering like mad. QY was going to cry cuz she needed to go toilet very urgently. In the end we found a place for her to go relieve herself if not she will really cry.

Nice right? Actually Iran is a very nice place.

Lock wanted to go Iran too after looking at the photos! If there is a chance, I would like to go back also during the winter. Like quite romantic. But please don't go Mt TT on Fridays cuz it's the Iranians' day off and there will confirm be a jam there.

YH told me at the snow mountain that she wants to stay there forever and not return to SG le. Hahaha.. Think she will go mad after staying for just 1 week. So cold and so lonely there!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008


One day, I was looking at the costume that I asked QY to make for me. It was half done and after looking at it, I folded it up and asked Kanglong to put it in my wardrobe while I go bathe. Little did I know that he explored my wardrobe and told me,"I realised that you REALLY got alot of clothes."

Oh no! My secret kana discovered!

He also told me that alot of those clothes he didn't even see me wear before. Hahaha.. I think 80% of my clothes were worn like 1-5 times a year only. MD told me that my clothes will be worn for 1 day and kept in the cupboard for the next 364 days.

Don't be so bad can? My clothes will be sad lor.

Clothes 1: Haiz... I think Miko only wear me once lor. And I have been in this wardrobe ever since.

Clothes 2: Better than you, at least I got worn a few times already through all these years.

Clothes 3: *Sob sob*.. I think I haven't be worn at all since I was bought!

I got try to wear my 'leng gong' (cold palace) clothes more often but the thing is I don't really have a chance to wear. When I go work, I can't be bothered to choose the clothes. Then on weekends, I need to go rehearsals and that forbids me to wear nice dresses. Kanglong said that I have alot of dresses. That's true. I got so many dresses that I have no chance to wear. Haiz...

The worse thing is..... I am still buying new clothes! Oh no... I just cannot stop myself when I see cheap and nice clothes. I feel that I am letting myself down by not buying them. Hohoho.... I got a insatiable appetite for clothes. It's the GSS again! I have bought yet another... 5 tops? and 1 dress. And I am still thinking of buying shoes.. Oh no, the shoes cupboard is also full of my shoes!

My mum dreads my wardrobe. She told me that it is already impossible to put in anymore clothes. I told her to try fold and stack them since the hanging bar is so full. She told me that folding area also almost full already. Every morning, when I try to get some clothes out of the wardrobe, I will need to take out 3 at a time because they are so so so closely hanged together. hahaha... I think I need a 3rd cupboard (yes, I already got 2). My mum says that buying a new cupboard won't help cuz I can fill them up in a super fast speed.

My mum hates my wardrobe cuz she everyday got problems hanging in the clothes.

Many people suggested me to donate the clothes or sell them off. It's a good idea but... I love my clothes leh! I cannot sell them off. It's just like asking me to sell off my hair pieces. I seldom use them but I love them mah. I seldom wear some of the dresses but I love the dresses! Cannot sell lor...

So the only way out is... wait for the clothes to become old or spoilt. Haiz.. but guess what... they never spoil or grow old! How incredible can that be? They just stay there good as new. I have got a few pieces which has been there since 10 years ago and they are still as good as new. Think this sat I will wear one of my 10 years old dress to COI... Hahaha... but must change to track pants there.. very mah fan.

This clothes problem has been haunting me for a long time and my mum has been constantly nagging about helping me donate out my clothes.. Noooo.. she can't do that!

Cupboard 1... Look at the hangers..

Cupboard 2...