Thursday, July 31, 2008

Moon Lake and Eclipse

Just some news to share with you guys regardless of whether you are interested or not.

Just read an article that a lake was discovered on the moon of Saturn. Water means life. If there is water, there is life. Maybe there are some microbes living in that lake. This moon, Titan, is the first outer space body with liquid discovered, other than Earth.

This discovery was significant because life started underwater. Yes de, life started from the water on Earth too. Trillions of years ago, there was no life on the land. No plants, no insects, no animals, no nothing. There were only life striving in the sea. Slowly, they move their way up to Earth. I remember a very interesting website on this which I read before. I dunno where is it now.

Besides Titan, there was also ice discovered on Mars and scientist believe that there is ice below all that red rocks and sand.

End of story.

Another news I saw on Nasa was that there is going to a FULL solar eclipse on this Friday, Singapore time 7pm. Damn, it's night time by 7pm so apparently, we are not going to see the eclipse. However, if you are interested in seeing it, it's going to be on Nasa's website, broadcasted live.

Cake+tea, I don't know if you can see it in Vancouver because I saw that some parts of Canada will be able to see the full solar eclipse. I am sure it's going to be a wonderful sight~


Went prawning with YH and MD and KL on many Saturday ago. Hahaha. Like so long ago hor, now then blog. Jialat sia.

We thought of just prawn for 3 hours but in the end, we got carried away and prawned overnight! Madness right but I was happy cuz I caught alot of prawns. Yay.. i now very expert at prawning liao but I must go at the right time which is 3am when there is no one. Then you can have the pool all by yourself!

Me, at the MRT station. My complexion improved le wor~ Thanks to the chemical peel, the 3 months of anti-biotics and tons of money at NSC. Damn...

Me and YH..... also at the MRT station.

Me, am waiting patiently for the prawn to come to my hook. Notice MD and YH on the other side. There were tons of people there and trying to compete with them for prawns was tough and moreover, it was our first time prawning.

Hee hee hee.. me and my ugly teeth.

YH and her good friend, MD. YH got the rod first and she asked me," On average, how long do you wait to catch a prawn?"

I told her I don't know and I never prawn before. So she sat down and hold her rod. 2 minutes later, a prawn thrashed around in the pond and YH drag our first prawn of the night out of the water.

Still ask me on average how long we must wait for the prawns. She got one in like 2 minutes.

YH de big prawn....

I didn't have any luck on prawns for the first round and I think I caught only 1 prawn. SAD. YH caught a few I think...

The big ass prawn second from right was the first prawn that YH caught. We didn't know how to clean the prawns and put the stick in them neither do we know how to remove the hook from their mouth if we caught one. So fortunately, KL was there. He was the one removing prawns from hooks. MD tried once when KL was not around and he fumbled with the prawn. The angry prawn was snapping away at him but he successfully managed to remove it. Hee hee...

So sad May cannot come la.. Because she will be the expert at the killing and bbqing area. She will know when the prawn is cooked, how to add to the prawns to make them taste nicer.

Oh yah, we put the prawns into a tub of beer to make them drunk also. Hee hee.. we self-made drunk prawns but with BEER. Funny right but they still turn out nice lor. KL say want to bring Martell next time. I told him Martell very ex lor.

This is the prawning pond.

Our second round of prawns. More prawns this time because I became more expert with the rod. And this time round we got more BIG prawns. The previous round we got all the 'hay bee'.

Since I now more expert liao, I am hoping to go there prawn again so I can catch more prawns than this round.

By the time we were going home, YH was already 3/4 dead lor. Hahaha.. and MD also half dead lor... I also very tired, almost died.

May, join us next time la. 3am at the bishan prawning pond!

Monday, July 28, 2008

May Teng Singing

May has been participating in singing competitions lately because she is mad. (hee hee.. no la she not mad) Very pek cek lor, we agreed to go prawning together then suddenly she cannot go because she need to go practice her song for her singing competition.

I have got some pictures of her performing singing but it's from quite long ago, not the recent competition one.
That is her dancing happily on stage.

And this is her at coi before for her singing performance. She rehearsed in that very uncomfortable dress.

In her recent singing contest, she won the 15th position among the 50 participants. She told me that she has proved to herself and everyone else that she is not 'wu yin bu quan'. It's not possible that all the judges and participants got listening problems ba. I wanted to take a photo of her trophy too but too bad la, I don't think I got the chance to do that... Hahaha.. Too bad, all these singing and dancing days will soon be gone.

At least she proved her point before all is gone.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Help needed here!

I am looking for a cheap photo developing shop cuz I have got tons of photos to develop. The cheapest one I can find around my place charge about 30 cents for each photo. I am looking at maybe 25 cents?

Recently full of funny ideas. I am thinking of developing the photos taken in Iran to be made into a photo book. I will use those scrap books instead of the normal photo album to create it. This way, I can do more designing on it.

Then if time permits, I will do another scrap book for my opera photos also. The albums containing my opera photos are seriously overloaded. Think I going to throw away some old photos which I think the make up sucks one.. or I look fat one.. to reduce the number of photo albums clogging up my shelves...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Ambitions

You know that in primary schools teachers often make you write compositions and one of the hottest topic at that time was 'My Ambition'. I hate writing about my ambition simply because I have none! I will then come up with some common and popular ambitions like teacher or doctor to 'eng siu' the composition but seriously I never knew what I wanted to be when I grow up.

I am unlike my friends who have firm ambitions of wanting to be doctors, they tried but didn't get into medical courses but at least they know what they wanted and they tried for it.

So when I was in Secondary school, I started thinking of what I want to do when I graduate. However, there just isn't any jobs that interest me. All the things that I am interested in cannot provide me with an income.

Finally, I thought of 1 job that I wanted to do and told me father. I told him that I want to be an archeologist.

Mad right?

My father told me,"You cannot make it one. It's so hot and dusty and dirty, you will complain."

But then if it's something I like to do, I think I won't complain much. Just like opera, it was tough work but I didn't really complain much about the training. (Except for those unacceptable attitudes from the teachers and *ahem* directors)

I really gave some thoughts to be an archeologist but ultimately I gave up because Singapore don't provide such courses and there is nothing to dig in Singapore. If I want to be an archeologist, I will have to study overseas. I don't have money for that and I cannot leave home. Till now, I still think that I like this job. Imagine going places like Egypt, Peru, China, Mexico, exotic places, digging up precious artifacts and learning about the ancient cultures like Maya. So interesting right.

But for an average singaporean like me, I can forget it. Singaporeans only study subjects like business, accounts, IT etc.. so damn bloody boring.... Every Singaporean is a businessman, accountant or programmer.. BORING.

Then I came up with another ambition when I was about 15 years old. I told my father again that I want to an astronomer.

Lagi worse than archeologist, lagi hard to achieve.

I told my father I want to work in Nasa and study the planets around us. My father just told me,"go lor."

Then again, to be an astronomer, you need to study overseas because Singapore, being a business hub, don't provide courses like that. I still have interest to be an astronomer and I tried to find some astronomy courses in Singapore but I can't. This sucks lor.

Imagine looking through the telescope, taking a peek into the vast universe..... my god... so nice right.

People around me will be screaming in my ears,"UNREALISTIC LAH! YOU BETTER GO LEARN BUSINESS."


So in the end, I didn't do anything I want to be. I ended up doing a normal office job and I didn't even strive THAT hard in my job. I did work hard lah but I never plan for future advancement. I just think that let nature takes its course because this was not I wanted to do. I do it because I need the money that's all. And I need the money to sustain the interest I have. I use my free time to learn about what I didn't get to be. Archeology and Astronomy.

People say I am ambitionless, say I never strive, never think of doing big business to become millionare bla bla bla...

Who doesn't want to be millionaire? Just that I am not interested in doing business and I don't think I ever will. I only want a normal job and sustain my normal life.

Then people will say,"Acheologist and astronomers can make millions meh? Can become millionaires meh?"

What the hell lor. Being an archeologist or astronomer doesn't make you millions but it's the satisfaction that you get from the job. The kind of excitement and satisfaction you can get when you discover something is what money can't buy.

Some people just don't get it lor.

Then people will rattle on about no money how to live, cannot buy condo or big cars.. etc. Only money can give them satisfaction. There are lots of people like this in this world who only get satisfaction from money and I don't say they are wrong. Everyone got their own aims and goals. They can do what they want but that is none of my business. (when I said this, someone said I was selfish)

Someone also told me that he is uninterested in anything that cannot make money. Sometimes I feel so tired to talk to such people. I can only talk about money issues with them like how bad the inflation is, who the high the oil prices are etc.


Fortunately, I still got friends who sort of understand me. They comprehend what I want and why I don't really do any investment and what sort of life I want.

I find it hard sometimes to write about what I want because it cannot be written. It's all in the mind, it's not material. And maybe that is why alot of people don't understand me.

What was your ambition? Any weird and out of the world ambition you ever had? Tell me leh.

PS: I just found out another piece of 'useless' information. The word 'platonic' came from Plato because he doesn't believe that love comes solely from physical attraction. Plato was a philospher from long ago (don't remember when).

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Going Batam

I am going to Batam on this Saturday and coming back on Sunday. It's only a 2 day trip sponsored by my company. Abit too short but since it's free, I might as well go. I am bringing KangLong along too as we are allowed to bring partners, spouse, children or 2 family members. Lock tried to bring a friend along who was neither partner nor spouse and apparently, this friend is a colleague from a sister company and she knows our boss. In the end she can't go and Lock bobian. He asked a temp staff to go instead. Hee hee... maybe he can 'jia xi zhen zuo'. Who knows.

So I am looking forward to the trip to relax and eat good food. Meanwhile, I will skip a lesson at COI. I think it's ok to skip 1 class since everyone so relax there also.

I will blog about Batam when I return!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Encyclopedia of Useless Information

A few days ago, I read in a newspaper that Tay Pin Hui said he is like an encyclopedia of useless information because he watch alot of national geographic channel and read lots of stuff.

I think I am something like this too. I like to read and find out lots of things which are simply useless in my life. The only reason for find such information is just to satisfy my curiosity. Hahaha.

Like previously I was reading about Northern Lights, then I read about evolution, about insects, which really doesn't benefit me in anyway but I just enjoy it. There are alot of stuff in this world which I want to know but I don't really have time to go find out everything. Like plutoids (a new term for planets), the life of stars, Darwin's theory etc.

Sometime ago, I read about Monty Hall's problem in a book, A curious incident of the dog in the night.

You are in a game show and there are 3 doors in front of you, 1 with a car behind and 2 with goats behind. The host asked you to choose a door and you chose Door 1. The host, knowing what were behind those doors, opened door 3, which revealed a goat, and ask you to choose again. Do you change your decision?

Most people will think that there is a 50-50 chance of getting the car, however, the truth is if you switch door, you will get have double the chances of getting the car which is 66%, up from the previous 33% at first. There is a theory behind it but it's too long to type. If you want to read about it, you can look for 'Monty Hall Problem' in wikipedia.

I tried out the theory with poker cards and by switching the cards, I managed to get 8 out of 10 cards right! And without switching cards, I got 8 out of 10 cards wrong! Amazing right?

It's actually all statistics and probability. Nice information but useless in life. :P

KTV Session

Went to KTV last week with my colleagues and Lock. I took a video during the KTV session, please take a look at the below video before reading the text below.

Guess who was singing.

Can you imagine that? Silly Lock Li sang like a girl! I showed the video to some friends and they all agree that if you don't look at the singer, you will think it's a girl. I told him, if someone walk pass, they will listen and wonder whose sweet voice is that.. when they open the door, they see you this botak.. they will be like.. sianz... hahaha

Somebody asked me before how can a guy sing like a girl?? How can men be dans.. Well, actually some guys can. Lock speaks like any normal guy but he still can forge his voice like this. Do you like it?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

May's Lucky Purse

About 2 weeks ago, I went to dinner with May at AMK. We went for our favourite steamboat. Talking about steamboat, a new steamboat restaurant is opening opposite my home. They are taking up a big space and once it is opened, I will jio May go there eat~

Alright, so 2 weeks ago, I met May for dinner. I didn't have time to blog lah so the blog drag until now then got time to write.

We chatted misc stuff over dinner from clothes to bras to food to coi.. etc. Then suddenly she told me that she got a difficult time buying the right purse for her cards and money. (She don't carry wallets, she only carry those pouch like purse and dump everything inside) She said that her purse must know how to 'keep money'.

-_-" diaoz.. what she mean by keep money....

She said that some purses she bought doesn't know how to keep money and everytime she opens the purse, she sees no money inside and got to go draw. Whereas some purses when she opens it, there is always money inside and she no need to draw. So she arrived at a conclusion that some purses helped her to keep money while some don't.

What kind of lousy theory is that lor. I told her that the purse got no money because she spent it. Not because the purse didn't 'keep' money.

She told me that she bought this 'zhao cai mao' purse thinking that it will help her 'zhao cai' and keep money but in the end she lose money at mahjong and everytime she opens the purse, it's empty. She very pekcek and in the end took out the 'zhao cai mao' picture from the purse and used it to keep her mp4 player instead.

The unlucky 'zhao cai mao' purse which now doesn't have the 'zhao cai mao' on it anymore.

She then went on to find a purse which might keep her money and finally, she bought this chi hua hua purse. She told me that she considered a long time whether to buy this chi hua hua purse because it's quite ex and she don't know if it can keep money. Finally, she felt that she got affinity with it so she bought it.

Turns out that this chi hua hua purse can keep money.

This is the one that keeps money.

This teaches us a lesson. If one day you realised you are always broke and there is no money in your wallet, go change your wallet and find the one that keeps money for you.

Lock's Birthday

Lock's birthday was on 01 July and we had a mini celebration during lunch time for his bday. :)

Lock's birthday cake. Taken upside down and forgot to rotate it. If you really want to see the birthday cake that badly, you can try tilting your monitor screen instead.

We ordered lots of pizzas and side orders from pizza hut.

My colleagues....

Lock looking at his present, wondering what it is. We gave him clues like the present will help him to de-stress and it's something that we like to share....

Lock gave up. He decided to open up the box.

Finally, he opened the box and saw this yellow thing poking out of the paper shreds. My colleagues were encouragin him to pull out the yellowish thing.

Lock pulled it out abit and observed it.

He couldn't help himself when he saw this funny condom stuff toy.

The funny thing is the girls who bought this toy didn't know that it was a condom stuff toy. It was until the other colleagues started laughin and joking about it then they realised.

But that's not all to Lock's birthday present. There are more~

Lots and lots of tidbits. Lock love tidbits so much and it is one of his greatest enjoyment to eat tidbits every now and then in the office. I told Lock not to finish it too fast. Take his time to eat.

However, when I visit his cubical think 3 days ago, the tidbits were already gone! Incredible....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

10 Promises to my 'kao'

I went to watch '10 promises to my dog' last friday.. alone... Too bored. Nothing to do so I went to watch movies alone lor. In fact. I watched 2 movies alone within 1 week. The other is '21'.

I think the '10 promises to my dog' is a perfect movie for dog lovers. It features the life of a golden retriever from young. As expected, such movies are sure to jerk your tears with a super cute dog and it did.

Lots of people were sobbing away at the end of the show and you can hear people sniffing and opening their tissue packets.

The story is basically about this little girl who got this golden retriever puppy. Her mum told her that she must make 10 promises to this puppy if she wants to make it hers. She agreed and kept her promise. However, as time goes by and she grew up into a busy young lady, she forgot about her promises to her dog...

Actually you can see the plot coming a mile away but somehow such movies never fail to make you touched. Lock told me that he cried like a slut 30 minutes after the show started. Hahaha....

Dog lovers should watch this..

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


May told me to research on Menopause. She is counting down the days when she will finally face menopause ba.. that's why she want to learn more about it.. Instead of going through all the hassle to research it herself. She, as usual, ask me to find out and blog, so she can just read with ease.

Actually, May want to know about it not because she waiting for menopause... it's because she is surrounded by people who are menopausing.

Here goes..

What is menopause?

Menopause is a normal, natural event—defined as the final menstrual period and usually confirmed when a woman has missed her periods for 12 consecutive months (in the absence of other obvious causes). Menopause is associated with reduced functioning of the ovaries due to aging, resulting in lower levels of estrogen and other hormones. It marks the permanent end of fertility. Menopause occurs, on average, at age 51. The years between puberty (when periods start) and menopause are called premenopause.

Must miss period for 12 consecutive months and it starts around the age of 51.. May still got some years to go before she reach that stage...

So what are the symptoms?
  • Irregular vaginal bleeding
  • Hot flashes & night sweats
  • Emotional mood swings
  • Vaginal symptoms
  • Urinary symptoms
  • Other physical changes
Women out there.. take note of the symptoms. If you have the symptoms please control yourself and don't kp so much. Thank you.

Here comes the most important section, Treatment...

I read that there are a few ways to relieve the symptoms of menopause. They are:

1) Oral contraceptive pills - Surprisingly right, didn't know that contraceptive pills got such other functions too...

2) Local Hormone Treatments - Applying estrogen directly into your body. They come in cream form which you can apply.

3) Anti-Depressant - To control the mood swings. This one very important.

4) Vitamin E - To control mild hot flashes.

Looks like the above applies to the ladies. What about the men? Do they have menopause too?

The answer is YES.

Men can now shut up and stop laughing at women who menopaused because they have it too. Hee hee..

Because people’s life is longer than old time, and more and more people have had experienced the syndromes, scientists and doctors are making research on it. It is found that men have “menopause” similar like women. Men’s “menopause” means a special period that there are obvious changes of chemistry, hormone and physiology inside body. Generally, men start “menopause” around 50 – 60 years old (for women between 45 – 55 years old). In clinic, some men start to have “menopause syndromes” early at 35 years old; some men start late at 65 years old.

Since men do not go through a well-defined period referred to as menopause, some physicians refer to this problem as androgen (testosterone) decline in the aging male. Men do experience a decline in the production of the male hormone testosterone with aging, but this also occurs with some disease states such as diabetes. Along with the decline in testosterone, some men experience symptoms such as fatigue, weakness, depression and sexual problems.

Here are the symptoms:
  • Decreased mental quickness and sharpness
  • Decreased energy, strength and endurance
  • Less desire for activity and exercise
  • Decreased muscle and increased body fat
  • Mild to moderate depression and irritability
  • Depression and/or loss of eagerness and enthusiasm for daily life
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Decreased sexual function and/or sensitivity
I have listed the symptoms of menopause in both men and women. You can now go spot those people who have menopause around you and try to give them some oral contraceptive pills.. :P

May, maybe we can buy some pills and give it to "you know who"s on their birthdays......

Happy Family

About 2 weeks ago, Naiba treated us dinner to thank us for performing for his troupe. We met up at a kopitiam at AMK after COI class. The dinner was nice. I liked the food. May was not there because Bala had to sleep so bobian as she needs to take Bala's car home.

Anyway we brought her to the same kopitiam on the next week and she liked the food too.

Naiba as you all should know by now, is my godfather. Recently, we got a self-proclaimed Naima also. She made me and YH call her naima... tsk tsk tsk...

That is Yuzhen..

We were saying that yz and naiba were always bickering and they match so well with their nonsense. Naiba said that maybe they were long lost lovers from the past and then yz made us call her naima. aiyoh....

Naiba and Naima.....Both very chubby one lor.

We are one big happy family......

Someone said,"How come the naiba and naima so black can give birth to 2 fair daughters. Weird lor..."

Hee hee.. Yuzhen.. It's not so easy to be our naima lor. Naiba had a tough time because any problems we have we will go running to naiba. A few times, Naiba called me at around 2am cuz he knew that I was very pek cek. He called at such wee hours to chit chat with me lor. Then sometimes he got to solve problems of YH also...

Think Naiba lost weight liao with our constant bugging and pestering... but I believe naiba likes it lor.. hee hee... :P

Cafe Del Mar

Last Saturday there was class at COI but since I am not acting on the following Sunday, i didn't feel like going for the rehearsals at all. I don't want to kana last minute roles or do some free labour work for Chua.

KL and my mum both went to COI for rehearsal so I was pretty bored that day. I asked Locky where he is going. Initially he wanted to rent some DVDs so we can watch together but he couldn't get the shows he wanted. In the end, he asked me to join him and his friends at Cafe Del Mar. Cafe Del Mar is very far away lor. It's at Sentosa so accessing it is quite mah fan but I still went.

Very Suay lor, the first thing I kana when I reached Sentosa was the rain. It wasn't a very heavy rain but heavy enough to hinder my walking. In the end I took the Blue line tram to reach Siloso Beach.

Last year, my company held the family day here but I didn't go. It's so boring to go Family Day alone.

So I met Lock and his friends there. His friends were busying their own things so most of the time, it was only me and Lock sitting there chatting. One of his friends is from He needs to go around taking photos and doing some of his work stuff. The other is a marketing manager of Cafe Del Mar and he was also walking around doing his work stuff.

Lock was hungry and he ordered fish and chips. First time in my life I see lock eating something expensive. Normally he will save the money and refuse to eat such stuff. Hee hee... but when I interviewed him about his savings, he told me that he doesn't save money. Weird lor, dunno where he spent all the money. He told me he spent the money on playing instead.

Taken at Cafe Del Mar, the place quite beautiful right. Lock's main purpose to go Cafe Del Mar was to look at pretty bikini girls. He kept telling me to go out and look at those hunks but I not interested lah.

We left Cafe Del Mar at about 7+pm. Sian leh.... then we had dinner at Sushi Tei, walk around abit and Lock left. He wanted to company me at home to watch DVD at first but I think he changed his mind cuz some pretty girls called him and he left on the spot. So in the end I shop around alone some more until all the shops closed. I didn't buy anything that day. Heng ah.. Didn't see any clothes which I find worth buying.

Life is so boring lor.... Friends told me that I should take a break and go for some holidays. I just went to Guangzhou in January and Iran in February leh.... My god, do I really need holidays that frequent to keep me going? Like that very siong lor. Think I better stay put in Singapore for the time being. Oil prices still soaring up...