Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hong Kong

I have to speed up my blogging le because apparently, someone lodged a complain that I have not been updating quick enough given that I am now jobless, I should have more time. She is so wrong because I am so damn busy even if I am jobless, so many things to settle.

I shall continue my blog on my HK trip. I took a ferry from Macau and in the ferry terminal, we saw this shop.

My mum said that this is a 兔崽店!It was so funny lor. Tu zai and mian shui has 10 thousands miles between them. It is the joke of the year man.

Then we boarded the ferry for HK which will take about 1 hour like that.

I found something really fascinating. That is, the water of Macau is actually yellow in colour!
I know that singapore's sea is very dirty and it's a murky green colour but nothing beats this murky yellow colour! It's really strange, they must have dumped tons of mud into the sea to create this borderless yellow dirty sea....
Arriving at the HK ferry terminal, we took a cab to our hostel. Yes de, it's a hostel but I like it very much. It's very clean and neat though it's very small. The toilet is super super small that I think a fat man will not be able to go in. But this kind of room fits me and my mum well because we dun mind the small space as long as theres aircon and bed for us to sleep in.
I chose this hostel because the location is super good. It's just beside the ladies market at Mongkok and we are about 10 minutes walk away from the 2 mrt stations line. Very good right? We practically went everywhere by Mrt, no need to take cab.
We had our first meal in HK and my mum thought that goose meat is nice, my father told her, so she ordered. Turned out that goose meat is super fatty.
After the lunch, we took MRT to Hong Kan to buy our train tickets for Guangzhou. I must settle the train tickets before having fun if not I will feel stress that I cannot get tickets last minute. So we got to Hong Kan and bought 2 tickets for Guangzhou at HKD190.
Inside the MRT, my mum like to observe people.

At Hong Kan MRT station....

I found this thing in Macau and HK's traffic lights. I wonder what this is because you can't press it for the lights. Anyone knows?

A little tip for you guys, at hong kan MRT station, there is this luggage locker. So you can actually lock your luggage here if you plan to visit HK for only one day, or if you check out early and nowhere to lock your luggage.

Mongkok East MRT line.

We visited the Avenue of Stars next.

You dunno how to do the lighting issit.. kiam pa...

My mum sit on the director's lap. Maybe she thought that she can be lead role if she do so... :P hahaha

I think this is one of the few photos we took together.

Aiyoh.,. i ask my mum to take photos with xiao mung. Apparently, she got distracted by some advertisement again...
After visiting this Avenue of Stars, we went to some night markets but I really find the ladies market very boring leh. The things they sell are all the same and very common and they are all over priced. I wouldn't recommend anyone to visit ladies market at all. But I will recommend you guys to shop at the shopping malls around Mongkok because they sell some really nice and cheap stuff! I saw some balloon shorts which May likes a lot at only HKD29! But I didn't buy for her cuz I tot she got alot liao...
Also around that area, there are 2 xu liu shan dessert shops. You know they specialise in mango dessert right? Very nice! You all should go.
The next day, we went to Hongkong Disneyland~ It was super fun! I will blog in another entry!


fr said...

Yes, Ladies' Market is not exciting, mostly sell ladies clothings. It is also very congested.

Temple street is better, at least got many vcd shops.

littlebird said...

did you went to "Laundry Street 洗衣街" ?

Miko said...

fr: I think ladies market sells mostly the same things, bags or t-shirts. I didn't go temple street tho.. no time to go there. I only go there during the day so I didn't see the street market.

Little bird: I went to the laundry street too but I couldn't see the night market there. Maybe it's not there anymore?

littlebird said...

I think you misunderstand what i mean. 洗衣街 is 'street market' itself 7 days a week. It's not like there's a night market only at certain time.

Things sold in 洗衣街 are often same/similar to those in 女人街 and 廟街 but it's cheaper price than in those two streets.

Anonymous said...

You can visit Flower street. It's just a few blocks away from Ladies Mkt but they are more interesting...Look for the shops at the two sides along the Flower Market..They sell trendy clothings and bags at very low price! Some bags only cost SGD$15-20 and they are very trendy.If you can see a very long and old overhead at Ladies mkt, just walk along the bridge you can see Flower Streets Mrk(Fa Yuen Street).

Miko said...

thanks for the information. I am always having problems finding flowers street.. Couldn't find it the other time. Ok I will try again when I go hk!