Friday, December 28, 2012

New Posting Style

So I was wondering if my friends still come here to see the nonsense that I write because apparently, I have not written much. Not to mention I didn't write in opera blog because I am just so...

Therefore I tried to forget opera for the time being just to make myself cool down....

My friend is in Korea right now and she actually managed to buy cake from Eunhyuk himself!!!! I am like so jealous!!! Gaaaahhhh......

Why am I not in Korea at the right time right place????

My friends said that I should be contented that I have seen them a few times in concert but no I am not contented!!! :(

How can anyone be ever contented when it comes to watching their idols??? NEVAAAAA...

So yah, never contented...

And another thing, tomorrow SJ is going to the Gayo Daejun.


So disappointed with local TV. Even cable vision also not broadcasting. What the fish. I saw on Twitter that it's going to be something big. And most importantly, the man who is always missing is taking part in this year's Gayo Daejun.

If he ^ is here, it means we have a complete team because he ^ is always missing. >.< Not saying that he misses on purpose. He is just too busy with his filming.

See, still so busy memorizing scripts...

Enough ranting! How was everyone's Christmas?

Saturday, December 15, 2012

FanAcc Asian Super Showcase

OMG, I can't believe I was at the first row in Asian Super Showcase!!! So close to my precious SJ (yet so far...)

I went to KL on 9 Dec and on that day we visited the venue and realised that there were people queuing already! The show was on 11 Dec but there are already people queuing on 9 Dec. There were 3 groups so I approached the 3rd group and asked if we can chop the place behind them and then can they look after that place for us while we need to go back to hotel. They were ok with it so we left a jacket there and went back to hotel.

Fast forward, I upgraded my ticket from Super Zone to U mobile which costed me another 58rm. So I went to the U mobile queue which was empty at that time and so my friends and me were first in line!! :D

So happy... :D

So fast forward another 10 hours, the queue starts to get long. I queued there for 2 days. Chop that place for 2 days. I did went back to hotel at night and then went back to venue at about 4+am to continue queuing. On the day itself, the queue slowly got longer and longer and longer.

And most of the fans that came to queue were ELF. The Exotics came at around 10am.

I stopped drinking at 11am and they let us in at around 1pm. We chiong to the lift, up to 15th floor and actually ran to fight with the SuperZone people to get the first row. In the end, I end up at first row. One of my friends was also on the first row but 2 friends got the second row.

I am soooo happy!!!!!

While waiting for the show to start, they played some songs and the fans started doing fanchants. :D So cool!

Then when they showed the Tai Wan Mei MV, everyone screamed and did the fanchants. I think ELF had the loudest fanchants. Anyway the majority of fans there were ELF or ELF cum Exotic. However the superzone was filled with mostly ELF and the back of Superzone and the pit behind were the Exotics. I didn't really count but basing on the fanchants, I think the Exotics were at the back. No one in front were doing fanchants for EXO maybe because  they don't know how. They did scream for EXO but not the fanchants.

Only like hardcore fans will really remember all the fanchants. So anyway I conclude that there are more ELF because SJ's fanchants were the loudest.

I was so seriously hungry at around 3pm but I stopped myself from eatng. Kayrin ate some biscuits and I stopped her. I told her I don't want her to poop her pants later. I was very tired so I feel asleep for awhile while waiting in the pit.

Then finally after long hours, everyone started standing up at 7pm. I hung myself on the barricade cuz I was tired...

We stood for another 1 plus hour because the concert doesn't start on time!! So angry! They kept repeating the same ads over and over again and doesn't start the concert!

Finally after repeating the ads for like a thousand times, they started of the concert with BtoB!!

I seriously have no idea who BtoB is. Never heard of them or their songs before so I was sort of skeptical about them. LOL... So mean right and I also rather unhappy that BtoB is going to take up SJ's stage time. I am so mean!

Ok so BtoB started off and to be honest the opening wasn't too bad and I enjoyed it. :D Plus because I was in the first row, the boys gave me fan services like they smiled little smiles at us or wave etc.

My friend Kayrin who was standing behind me really liked one of the guys a lot because she thinks he is cute. And she was screaming like 'Oh my god, I told myself I am not interested in boy group I don't know but this boy so cute.. oh no.. I can't..."

I think this is the one that she likes:

BtoB... LOL and my friend beside me also commented that one of the guy is sweet and his smile is so sweet.. :D

I think it was this one:

So we ended up enjoying BtoB's performances alot!

Then they stopped and did some intro and talked abit. While they were talking, I couldn't really scream for them because I don't know their names.

My friend behind keep telling me to ask one of the guys to throw their towel at us, the towels that they have used to wipe off sweat.

So I pointed at one of the boys and started drawing circles at him. LOL. I don't know why I did that but I just did. I just continued drawing circles at him and suddenly he looked at me and drew circles back at me too. I was like.. OH MY GOD!!! He just gave me fan service! LOL my first fan service wasn't from SJ. :P

This was the one who reacted to me. LOL.. He is the leader of BtoB. Only 22 years old! :D

So yah, after that I felt my knees buckle abit. If it was SJ, I would have fainted on the spot. LOL....

Their performances wasn't bad too! Their dance was nice and the songs were catchy. I totally enjoyed it and screamed for them a lot.

Ok this is the photo I took and I wasn't using any zoom and this was taken with my phone. :D So near right? Nice. :D

They were really sweet boys. My friend behind me was saying,"Oh they are so cute! Oh I really like him, don't go! But nooo.. No time already, I have to see my hyuk jae. Although I like you but I like hyuk jae more..."


After them it was EXO-M's turn and everyone went crazy again! The Exotics screamed like mad. LOL..

EXO-M performing MAMA. When they were getting ready, Tao was in front of me. I didn't know his name is Tao until I asked my friend who is the guy with the eyeliner. :P

So Tao was like all very serious and cool looking at the ground. I was again in a random mood so I stretched out my left hand and curled my fingers and uncurled them like a claw and make a 'I want to claw you' look. At this moment, Tao looked up and he saw me directly. He curled a corner of his lips upwards and smirked at me. I was like... what the hell just happened??? LOL.

Though I dunno them well, it was cool to get fan service like that. :P

So the danced and sang History, MAMA and another 2 songs which I don't know the title. Oops.. I am sorry for not knowing... :( I can't remember.

Another picture I took with my phone:

EXO-M didn't really perform a lot or talk a lot. They just did like a short intro and 4 songs. That's all. They performed even shorter than BtoB!!! I was surprised.

After them finally it's SJM's turn!!!! OMG.. My heart beat so fast I almost fainted. After waiting for so long!!

They performed Super Girl first. :) My 2nd SJ song. :D I have got a fancam of this. In fact, I have got the fancam of the whole Super Junior M part. Hahahaha.

After singing Super Girl, they sang 'At Least I Have You', Ok I don't know the actual English title so I translated it literally from the Chinese title. Hee hee.. My fancam for this part was shaky. I can't help it!! When Sungmin was right in front of me and he kept doing cute stuff I just had to react and when I reacted with  wave or scream, my fancam will shake! Arrgghh so angry with myself sometimes.

When the song ended they started do self intro. This Kyuhyun always say the same stuff when he does introduction in Chinese speaking countries. LOL but this time.... he forgot!! He actually forgotten what he wants to say. -_-" I can see that his Chinese has deproved.. Time to do promotion for SJM, Kyuhyun..

Then when Eunhyuk was doing his self intro, Sungmin waved at me!!! How I know he was waving at me? Cuz there were MANY Jewels there and when Hyuk did his intro, everyone was looking at him and screaming. Suddenly I noticed that Sungmin turned his head to look at our direction so I shouted Sungmin and waved at him. I was the only one waving at him so he waved back! LOL You can hear me screaming OH MY GOD in the fancam and the fancam started shaking. My camera was filming Eunhyuk but I was actually waving and Sungmin. :P

My weak fangirl heart died.. for a second there and was alive again.. because I have to continue watching the show. Hahaha...

So they moved on to another which was only sung by Zhou Mi and Ryeowook and moved to the stage extension which was like behind me so I stopped filming and when Hyuk appeared in front of me to rap, I started filming again! After this they talked about the feelings of coming to Malaysia.

The funny thing was I found out that this time Hyuk's favourite line is 'zhun bei hao le ma'. Which means 'are you ready?'

When the host asked what they think about Malaysia and the people here, they said something like they want to find a girlfriend here and suddenly Hyuk blurted out 'are you ready?', Kyu quickly shake his hand at Hyuk and say something like 'you can't say that'. LOL..  And Hyuk realized that he said the wrong thing.

After this interview, my battery went flat! Gah... I have t change batteries and I was so nervous while doing so. I missed some stuff. They said saranghae to the fans individually I think. That was I missed filming. Then when I got my battery ready, they were talking about Siwon's video message:

And after this, they played guessing games of Malaysian fruits. OK now everyone thinks that my favourite fruit is Jackfruit.

One of the pictures shown was Jackfruit and it seems like none of the members know the answer. So I shouted Jackfruit very loudly and I shouted repeatedly. Donghae tried to make a wild guess and said something jay foo and of course it's wrong.

Sungmin turned over to my side suddenly and was looking at me shouting the answer. He was trying to read my lips and Henry also looked at me and took out his earbuds. They both leaned over to hear the answer but too bad they can't hear me. Then Sungmin tried to read my lips again. Sadly, none of them got it. When the host revealed the answer, Sungmin looked at me again and said,"aaahhh" and nodded.

OMG.. so much fan service from Sungmin today I don't know why!!!!

I wanted to attract Ryeowook's attention actually. I kept shouting his name but he doesn't respond. He seems to be in a daze. Like always. He seems to always be in a daze...

Then they answered questions prepared by fans. This is self explanatory so I am not going to type about this. This fan account is getting too long!!!

One thing to note though is Donghae revealed that they are filming the new SJM mv this week! Then he realised that he shouldn't say that and covered his mouth. The other members quickly pushed him aside. LOL.. So funny. And then Hyuk asked Donghae to do a little of the new choreo. I seriously can't wait for the teaser/mv whatever!! Give me the new SJM song NOW!!!!

And then there is this famous Eunhae moment part. Hahha... they chose who they will date if they were a girl. Donghae chose Eunhyuk, even Kyu said 'Lee Hyuk Jae'. They are so famous :P

Nobody chose Henry! Poor guy, my friend behind me shouted 'HENRY I TAKE YOU!!!"

Hahahah... Yah!! Don't forget your bias is Hyuk Jae!!!

After this, they sang ME. It's gotta be me~~~~

During this song, all the members ran to the side extensions except for Hae. So you can say that this fancam is mostly hae focused. LOL. Hae was like waving and posing for others' cameras. I was so jelly! Why never wave to me.. why why why? So I followed him with my camera and when he looked over, I did a victory sign with my fingers curling and uncurling, like what heechul always did. He finally saw me and waved at my camera. *dies*

The next song was Destiny Line, or was it? LOL I translated literally agan... :) This time I finally caught Kyu waving at fans~~ Hahaha.. I screamed so much, I was wondering if I should post this video... -_-"

The last song was Perfection!! HAhahah..  Zhoumi asked which song wasn't sung yet and everyone screamed Tai wan mei.. Kyu said, you guys are smart. :D Of course we are!! We are ELF!

During this part, my friend behind me has ran out of battery so she can't film her bias, Eunhyuk. She keep telling me to do Eunhyuk focus but I didn't want to because I want to film whoever is singing in the center. Then whenever I moved my camera to another member, she will push my hand to Eunhyuk! Twice she did this!! And so my Tai Wan Mei fancam is almost a Eunhyuk focus. This girl ah.... >.<

Finally the show ended with SJM running around the stage and bidding good bye and at this moment my memory was full. Just nice!! LOL.... my friend keep screaming at me that I filmed just nice, finished all my memory. LOL She was going crazy.

After the whole thing, we had a hard time trying to get back to hotel. I stayed at Double Tree Hilton Hotel but I didn't see SJ this time. They went back to Korea straight after the concert.

When I reached the lobby of the hotel, I saw from far 2 guys near the lifts. I told my friend they look like Koreans.

Then when we turned the corner to the lift lobby, BAM! I saw BtoB like right in front my eyes, make up gone, wearing very casual clothes, almost like pyjamas.

I was like WHOA... .and stepped back. They were just standing there like waiting for someone then when they about to walk away, my friend said Bye... I quickly said,"Hey, great concert!"

They looked at me with puzzled face, I think they don't understand English.

So my friend said 'good' in Korean, or something like that because they immediately responded and said thank you to me. LOL and one of the guys said ah.. I remember you to my friend. LOL. My friend was like shocked. Then the manager called them and they walked off. They were lik practically less than a meter from me. I can't believe my luck.

Now I feel really bad to be so mean to BtoB at first...
So they moved off and my friend cried in the lift.. :P

End of my adventure!!! LOL I hope I will experience something like this again... :) I was really really lucky this time.. :)

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Suju Funny Gifs

Since I found lots of funny gifs about Super Junior, I am gonna share them!! They are really cute, like a comic strip. :D some gifs will require some prior knowledge on SJ to be appreciated but still... Heh...

Gidaehaedo Jo-a Let's go!


Hahaha, what's teukie thinking????


Aaaah... Heechul, lol I somehow expected that the one he kissed was a boy. LOL.. I miss Heechul.....

Ok more gifs to come when I got time!

SHINee World Concert 2

I am attending SHINee's concert this saturday! Although they are not my bias group, I like their songs. I don't collect their albums and stuff like I do for Super Junior though. SHINee just won the Best Dance Group in MAMA (over SJ, tsk). I look forward to their best dance performance. They better put in a good show because their tickets are pretty expensive!!!

Gosh... These kpop concerts seriously busted my wallet!

After the SHINee concert which I expect to end at around 11pm, I will take a loooooong time to reach home because of the crowd. The MRT will be cramped with people. That's what I hate. :(

Then when I reached home, I have to quickly pack up, wash and go to sleep because on Sunday 9am, I am catching a flight to KL for my beloved Super Junior. :D

So busy right?

Busy and expensive but worth it.

For Super Junior everything is worth it. LOL....

I will return on 13 Dec and that will conclude my Kpop craze for this year. I will take a break, rest, save money and wait faithfully for Super Show 5.

This is me when I think of Super Show 5.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Donghae's Typos

LOL, someone posted a list of Donghae's typos from his Twitter. I thought it's cute to compile them!

  • Mam
  • Bonamama
  • Take caer
  • Phon
  • Lvoe
  • Glaxy
  • Beutiful
  • Ganna
  • EFL
  • I lost my I-pod and phon. So sad. Bye bye.
  • I’m in Thai !! Thai ELF !! Everybody come here I’m waiting here …

Next up, Yesung's..
  • elves
  • I'm Singapore
  • Super JUNUOR

You gotta love their Engrish... We call it Super Engrish. :D



I am so guilty for not writing my blog for some time. That is because I am so distracted. I have been watching videos of SJ whenever I got time. May and my mum both asked me if there are really that MANY videos to watch on SJ.

Why not?

There are 15 members (-2 now) and they have been working non-stop since 2005. 7 years worth of videos with some members having their fixed variety. Like Leeteuk is the host for Star King for 5 years. Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Shindong are the fixed guests for Strong Heart for quite a few years too. Now Kyuhyun is also hosting Radio Star and he has been doing so for 1 year. Teuk and Eunhyuk were DJs for Sukira for 5 years, though not every single of their Sukira hosting has videos with subs, still there are lots of snippets around. After Teuk and Hyuk left Sukira, Sungmin and Wook took over and they also have snippets of translated Sukira videos. There was also a variety show hosted by SJ, Super Junior Foresight, which was ongoing for quite a long time. I haven't watched that.

Besides all the above fixed programs, SJ also appear in many variety shows as guests which I haven't finished watching like Hello, Come To Play, Weekly Idol etc... That reminded me, Hyuk recently got a position in Come To Play as the fixed MC. So now one more variety to catch every week

Don't forget also that Donghae, Siwon, Sungmin and Kibum also filmed drama series.

Where got time??? I am very busy lor...

Sunday, October 07, 2012

[Fanacc] Encounter with SJ

Ah... I am going to write about my glorious encounter with Super Junior. The day that I will never forget for the rest of my life.

To confirm SJ's flight to Jakarta, we checked the Korean fans' twitters in the morning. They had tweeted pictures of SJ in Incheon Airport at about 9am, thus confirming that SJ will arrive in Jakarta at 3.40pm. Also from the Korean twitter, we saw that Teuk went to the airport but was rejected entry and went off. We were in shock! I came all the way to Jakarta because I want to see the full SJ group (which unfortunately is 10 members now). So I was quite sad.

About 15 minutes later, Teuk tweeted that he has to settle something and will therefore take the afternoon flight to Jakarta. I was so relieved!!!

I arrived at the hotel at about 2pm and checked in to our room. My friends and my mum thought that this is my free day and I will probably go shopping but no I didn't, I stayed in the hotel the whole day.

When we reached hotel, my friends, Theresia and Tara started checking out Twitter. On twitter, you can see EVERY single detailed movement of SJ and I mean it. Of course you need to know who to follow in your twitter.

At about 3:40pm, we got excited and started to intensely check twitter on SJ's arrival at Jakarta airport. Slowly, the photos started coming out for the Jakarta fans' twitters. They tweeted things like 'SJ arrived', 'SJ boarded red coach' etc. We can see the picture of the coach too. They are like the human GPS system!

However we have a problem, we have no idea which entrance SJ will come in from. So we walked around the hotel. We went to the carpark and then exit the entrance of the carpark. At this moment, we saw this big red coach coming towards us and following behind are some big coaches too!! I was like,"SUJU'S COACH!!"

The question is, are the coaches empty? I peeped in and saw people in the coaches but the windows were all blinded. So I don't know who are in there but there's a good chance Suju is in the coach.

So we faster followed the coach to the lobby and watched them getting off the coach. Hee hee.. Just by watching them get off the coach, I feel very happy. :D

The guards told us not to shout or take photos so I didn't but the excitement caused me to have a headache afterwards because I didn't shout. SJ was the first group to get off the coach and at that time there wasn't a lot of people watching them yet. Then it was F(x) I think. The next I remember was SHINee. By that time quite alot of people gathered at the lobby le. And by the time EXO walked passed us, we had a crowd. Some people were asking where is SJ. SJ already went up to their rooms. :D

So after that we continued to loiter around a bit and found out which floors the artistes were staying. They were staying on a few floors but we didn't know who stayed on which floors.

We took a break and had dinner by the poolside. LOL. It was cool because only the poolside and lobby has got wifi. For wifi in the room, we have to pay 20USD per day.

During this time, we will sometimes go up to our room get stuff etc and taking lifts was always thrilling cuz you don't know who you might bump into. Theresia bumped into EXO once and Tara was so jealous. Heh.

Later at night, my friends and I decided to go to the gym and on the way there, we walked passed the pool. My friend suddenly exclaimed,"Is that Siwon?"

We looked around and indeed it was Siwon wrapped in a towel around his waist, he looks like he just got out from the pool. We were stunned and we didn't expect to see them there. So we cautiously opened the glass door that lead us to the pool and my friend who was behind me got hit by the door. She said 'ouch' loudly and the boys turned around to see us. Leeteuk, Donghae, Siwon, Kangin and Yunho (oh and prince manager) were there. We looked at each other for like a second and we walked away immediately.

We went to a poolside chair and discussed on what to do. Should we say hi or should we just sit somewhere and watch them. My heart was thumping like mad.

Then we saw Siwon walking away while drying his hair into the corridor so we walked the opposite direction around the pool to 'bump' into him. Tara opened the glass door and we bumped right at Siwon. Hahaha... He had his towel around his shoulders. My friend freaked out abit to see Siwon's abs up close but we kept our cool. Then Siwon left and we walked back to the pool, at this moment, we saw Yunho leaving the boys behind and walked passed us to go out of the pool area. He was limping, poor boy and he had to perform extreme dances the next day.

As we walked we discussed about what to do. We decided to sit near the pool but behind some plants so we were hidden but we can still see the boys. I can see the pool and I saw Leeteuk and Donghae challenging Kangin to a race. Kangin began swimming quickly towards our direction and when he reached as first place, he turned around to see that Leeteuk and Donghae are still at their original place! They did'nt move at all and Leeteuk shouted,"YAAAA! PALLI PALLI!"

They were playing a prank on Kangin, making him swim across the pool!

After that they played in the pool some more and tried to hold their breath underwater etc. Sometimes I can't see them when they go behind some plants but I can hear Leeteuk and Donghae's classic laughter. Suddenly Leeteuk choked on water while laughing and Donghae laughed at him. Later on we can hear Kangin saying,"It hurts, It hurts... "

We think that leeteuk and Donghae are smacking him or something.

Donghae then got out of the pool after awhile and wrapped himself in a towel and took off his long training pants (ya, he wore long pants to swim, we think he might have wanted to go gym but was asked to join them in the pool instead). Then Donghae took some selcas at the poolside.. LOL..

I think Donghae saw one of my friends looking at him and he put his wet pants back on. I have to make this clear, we didn't stare. We just glanced from time to time. We don't want them to feel uncomfortable as they were really enjoying themselves.

While Donghae rested there taking photos of himself, the others were still playing in the pool. I think Donghae went back into the pool and joined them for awhile more. They didn't do much now, just playing with water and talking in the pool.

Finally they decided to leave and we were thinking of what to do.

They walked passed our poolside table and my friend said 'annyeonghaseyo' to Teuk and Teuk replied shyly, not looking at my friend. Think he was shy as he only has a towel around his shoulders and not wearing and proper clothes with no make up. Donghae put the towel over his head (why so shy??). Kangin just smiled broadly (Kangin is very friendly too). My friend want to pass a gift to donghae but was blocked by the prince manager.

I think Kangin and Leeteuk are the friendliest people in SJ. Not saying the others are not friendly, just that Teuk and Kangin are the friendliest.

Anyway the point wasn't to tell everyone that I saw Suju. The point is I saw them in their normal life, off camera, and I am really happy that they had a great time playing at the pool. It wasn't like some people who said that SUJU appears like good friends on camera but they weren't close in their normal life. From the laughter I hear and the way they are pranking each other, I feel that they really treat each other like brothers.

The brotherhood is real. Not some made up illusion for the screens and fans.
Oh, some people think that I make this up but I don't really care about such comments. If you wanna leave a comment that this is a hoax, then don't bother.

When we posted tweets that we saw SJ by the pool, the boys were already long gone from there. We won't post tweets like that if they are still at the pool then all the fans will come and disturb them right?? So when people saw our tweets and went to the pool they didn't see anyone and said that we are lying. Seriously though, I don't care.

Ah... the happiest 30 minutes of my life...

I didn't choose the wrong fandom. SJ is worth my 100% support. :D

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


FanAcc - SMTOWN Jakarta

I realised that  very few people give detailed account of their queuing for smtown concert so I decided to write one for those who have never been to one and would like to be mentaly prepared.

I AM BACK!!!!!!

I am back to Singapore as a changed person. The old Miko is gone. WAHHAHAHAHA....

My mom was telling me before I left that it's good that I am going to SMTown and that my fever should cool down after I fulfiled my wish to see Suju.

Little did she know that my fever didn't go down and I am now even more crazy for Suju after seeing them in person!!!!!!

They are so freaking CUTE!!! Oh my god... how can they be so cute?? They are supermen on stage and total cuties off stage. Hee hee... Awww...

I will blog about my encounter with SUJU in another entry. For this entry I wanna write about my experience in SMTown..

One word to describe it. CRAZY!

And I mean F**king CRAZY!!!!!!!

You don't know what crazy means until you have seen SMTOWN with you own eyes.

I arrived in Jakarta and the moment I exit the doors of the airport, I saw this...

Kyaaaaa~~~ Suju welcoming to Indonesia? So coincident that the first thing I see when I arrive in Jakarta is this advertisement of LG with Suju. And apparently one T2 where I arrived at has this ad, the other terminals don't have. :) This is a good omen.

For the concert, I initially planned to go queue for SMTown at around 5am but we realised that there are lots of dangerous looking people around the stadium at night so we decided to go after the day is brighter, around 7+am.

So we walked from our hotel to the stadium which is pretty near but our entrance is on the opposite side so we still walked a long way.

On the way you can see all the SMT banners.

Ok, this wasnt really taken on the day of the concert, it was taken on the night before the concert when we went to scout the stadium.

 This is the main entrance, the first of the 3 entrances to the stadium.

Outside the main entrance there is this big map to direct you to your designated gate.

So we went into the main entrance and to our horror, there were already like 300, 400 people queuing. Actually I wasn't that surprise because we came late, we could have came at 5am and we will be the first one but we didn't.

The pink gate u see right in the front is the start ofthe queue. So we are like I dunno, behind 500 people. Tara (my Exotic friend) was disappointed to learn that we are so behind in the queue.

So we took out our little stools and sat there. I walked a bit further down the queue to see the situation and also took some photos.

It was very very hot and sunny. I am not the kind of person who likes to be under the sun and to be honest, it was torturing but I had an umbrella so that makes things better.

Along the side of the queue were stalls selling drinks and food etc. They knew that there will be a crazy queue today so they set up the stalls very early in the morning. Besides that, there were also people selling merchandise like lightsticks, photos, fans, hairbands with your idol's name etc. I didn't buy any of those. I only bought water.

So we sat there for about 1 hour and Tara said that she wanna go get her tickets from the seller (we bought tickets through fanbase). So she left and I looked after her bag. Suddenly not long after she left, the people in front stood up and started running. We picked up our bags and stools and umbrellas and ran too. There were people who tried to cut queue during this chaotic situation and my friend, Theresia, shouted at them to get to the back. They pretended not to hear us but we keep shouting and then complained to the crowd control officers. The organisers did a bad job with the queue in my opinion. They could have managed the queue better by setting up barricades or something but no. It was an open area like this.

Eventually the irritating shameless queue cutter decided to leave the queue.

So we stood there for like 30 min and the queue wasn't moving. Apparently the gate wasn't opened yet but people suddenly got excited and run. So we sat down again.

10 minutes later Tara got back and we told her about the sudden run. Halfway through telling her about the run, everyone started running again!! Again we picked up our stuf and ran. This time we didn't sit down anymore. We just remained standing. It was I think 9:30am. I kept the stool and the umbrella in the bag and stood in the sun because if we run suddenly, we wouldn't have time to take care of the stuff.

There was still rehearsals going on inside the stadium and when Suju's superman came on, the ELFs screamed and sang along.. lol... There were quite a lot of ELFs in the Indonesia.

At 12pm, the gate finally opened and everyone ran. but there is not point running, we have to queue up to get in. So we started queuing and once again there were shameless queue cutters trying to queue in front of us. We shouted at them again but this thick skin girl pretend not to understand english. I know she is indonesian so my friend also shouted in indonesian but she pretend not to hear. We complained to the crowd controller but there was nothing much he can do as the indonesian girl just thick skinly remained there like she was supposed to be there. Bitch.

Then the chaotic queue started to split into 2 queues and I tell you the floor was full of garbage!!!

Full of garbage, I think if this is Singapore, SMTown will be BANNED from coming Singapore for concert forever.

So after the usher looked at my ticket was let in and I ran to my gate. In front of my gate there were already around 300 people queueing. Because Fes B and Fes C are using the same gate, our queue was very long. Tara and I hope that most people belong to Fes C. We were going for Fes B.

See, already so many people sitting in front of Fes B and C and this was only like a third of the queue.

So we at down again and bought some water. It was so freaking tiring and dehydrating. We sweated a lot and consumed a lot of energy with just about 4 hours of queuing and there is like another 6 hours to go.

My friend went to find her friend and I decided to go to toilet because once we get into the pit, it will be hard to get to the toilet. Tara was tired so she tried to sleep, we only slept like 3 hours the previous night so all of us are exhausted. I looked behind us and saw that our fes B/C queue is getting long so I took a picture.

This was taken about 20 minutes after we got into the queue at Fes B/C.

Theresia came back and told me that there are stll lots of people queuing out there at the second gate. I went to get a picture.
The queue was so freaking long that after we got in for 30 minutes, there are still so many people outside.

So Theresia said she is going to get some merchandise and went off. I told Tara to look after the stuff for awhile, I wanna get another bottle of water.

Skali when I was paying money everyone in my queue started running!!!! Tara had no hands so she took only Theresia and my bag and ran like there is no tomorrow. I quickly chased after her but she was gone in the crowd. It was very chaotic. I pushed my way into the crowd and looked for Tara but couldn't find her.

I shouted her name and saw that she is about 5 or 6 people in front. I squeezed myself to her side and took my bag. She told me she left the stools cuz its not possible to carry everything. So yah.. we lost our stools. Damn!

It was around 2pm when this happened and from now onwards, we didn't get to sit. We were jammed packed like sardines. There was no way to move. It was very hot and sticky and everyone was sticking to everyone. It was terrible. I sweat like hell but at the same time I know that I cannot drink anymore because there will be no more chances to go toilet.

So we stood there and I quickly sms Theresia to tell her that we have ran. She couldnt find us. I raised up her bag high but she still can't see. She called me and suddenly everyone ran again!!! I couldn't answer the phone and just ran like crazy.

Then finally we stopped and I answered her call. She found us and took her bag but because she belongs to Fes C, she stood a bit further from us. At this point, we were all standing very close to each other. Some shorter people cannot breathe and were fainting. A girl in front of me and behind kept closing their eyes and leaned on other people but they refused to get out of the queue. I am glad that I am at least tall enough to breathe properly and thank goodness, lots of Indonesian girls are shorter than me.

Slowly, little by little, the pushing packed us closer and closer. To the point that I cannot put my hands into my pocket to get my ticket. Can you imagine that, there wasn't even any space to get the ticket from my pocket.

We stood like this from 2pm to 4pm. People started fainting and were pulled out of the queue. I think there were at least 5 people who fainted. If they were to faint like this, how are they going to survive the concert?

Everyone started shouting for the guard to open the gate. The gate opened a little and we can peep inside, everyone started screaming and pushing. And then the gate closed and we stood there like this again,

Finally at 4+pm, the guards start to tear ticket and let us in. IT WAS CHAOTIC!!!! BEYOND DESCRIPTION!!!

Everyone wants to get in first and started pushing. The security held their arms together to form a human chain but the fans just keep pushing and everyone pushed, like a riot! Like a freaking war!! And then people started ducking under the arms and pushing the guards etc. The guards also gave way to the pushing, the human chain was useless, with the force of so many hundreds of people, they are not going to work.

So I ducked under the arms of the guards and chiong. Quickly let the usher check my bag and ticket and ran into my moshpit.

My god, I went into Moshpit B1 and there were already like 4 rows of people infront of the barricade. I sat down to rest. My gosh.. I was going to die. Very thirsty and yet I don't have water.

Tara came in and we sat there and waited once again. Under the hot sun. It was 4:30pm I think. I started taking pictures again.

Cassies were sitting in front of me. Cassies are DBSK's fans and their colour is red. I looked around for other fandoms.

See the blue green umbrella? Those are Shawols, SHINee's fans.

And of course, BLUE! My supermen's fans.. ELF!! DAEBAK! SUPER JUNIOR!!!

There were also pink who are SNSD's fans but they are at Fes C. My poor friend who was at Fes C was surrounded by Sones and Shawols... SNSD's fans. Fes B has more ELFs.

People starting to fill up the tribune seats too. The moshpit was also divided into 2 parts. Though you are in Moshpit B, you can end up at the Moshpit B that is on the outer side which is bad! It is far from stage! Heng we got into the moshpit that is INSIDE.  You see in the above picture there is this lane separating moshpit B into 2 moshpits.

Posters of my Suju... :) The first one on the left is Changmin from DBSK if I remember correctly. Then it's Yesung, Shindong, Eunhyuk, the pink one dunno who, Kyuhyun and Henry.

The fabulous stage!

Tara, sitting on the floor.... our stools were gone.. so got to sit on the floor le.  After sitting for abou 30 minutes, we all stood up again and ended up standing for a very long time till 6:30pm sharp and the concert started!

 Because we were at the 5th row, we decided to give up the barricade and run around the moshpit instead. I think if I want to enjoy the concert, isn't it better to run around and dance to the music than to be stuck at the barricade with people around me.

So yah lor.. I started to back off from that mass of people and stood at the middle of the moshpit and dance to the music.

Even though I decided to run around, I still can be pretty close to the stage and can see the artisetes quite clearly. I took the above picture just so you can see. The 2 person wearing flowery clothes in front are Donghae and Eunhyuk.~ My cute boys!

Lots of people also cannot take the exhaustion and sat down when it wasn't they favourite singers singing. This was during SHINee's turn to perform. Some people sat down to watch the LED screen. The screen looks very small in this pic but it was actually a BLOODY BIG screen. I dunno why it looks so small here.

Let me see if I have other pics...

 Chang min!!!! Hee hee..

Then this below picture is SHINee.

Cool right???? This is the center stage. They can walk from the main stage to the center stage to perform.

You see the red dot in the middle??? Those are the Cassies.. They are very strong and united. Like nothing can destroy them. However, you can still see that the blue lights dominated the rest of the stadium. I have a fancam that shows the blue light. This picture was taken before the ceoncert so the audience are not very hyper yet.

I went to the back of the moshpit to take this picture. My section was taken up by mostly Cassies and Elfs. I think I might find the Sones picture somewhere online but forget it la. I am tired. LOL...

I am very bad, during SNSD's performance, I sat down to rest. Hahahaha.. I wasn't THAT interested to see SNSD lah to be honest.

Took this during SNSD's performance. Hahaha.. Was sitting there.. resting, conserve energy because I didn't drink for like 6 hours, I was totally dehydrated.

All the legs surrounding me.. ahhahahhaha....

The guards came twice to distibute water but there wasn't enough for everyone so everyone grabbed! And snatched! Like refugees in a war!! That's why I said it was lik warzone!! It really was!!!

Anyway I didn't get any water so I try not to waste energy when it was SNSD's performance. LOL...

My first bias is SUJU, secondly I like DBSK, then it's Shinee and EXO.  Heh....

And then when Suju came out I screamed like there is no tomorrow, all energy came out, adrenaline flooded my brains! I dunno why but suddenly I got the energy to sing along and jump around. hahaha...

Let me show you the way they arrange the artistes' song list. There was a part that was like this:

14."Oops!" - Super Junior & f(x)

15."Lucifer" - SHINee feat. Luhan (as special guest dancer)

16."Superman" - Super Junior

17."Don't Don" - Super Junior

18."Ring Ding Dong" - SHINee

19."Bonamana" - Super Junior

20."Juliette" - SHINee

21."Love Like Oxygen" - SHINee feat. Sehun (as special guest dancer)

22."Missing You" - Ryewook & Chen

I cannot rest!!! SJ And Shinee took turn!! And I dance and sing non stop... I was telling Tara, it had better be SNSD next if not I am going to die!!!   Then after awhile the song list was like this:  

29."Sorry Sorry" - Super Junior

30."Perfection (Korean ver.)" - Super Junior-M

31."A-Cha" - Super Junior

32."Mr. Taxi" - Girls' Generation

33."Internet War" - Jonghyun & Taemin

34."Maximum" - TVXQ

35."Mirotic" - TVXQ

36."Keep Your Head Down" - TVXQ

37."Gee" - Girls' Generation

38."Kissing You" - Girls' Generation

39."Dancing Out" - Super Junior

Girls Gen = SNSD   It was very tiring but at the same time very fun. If you know all these songs, they are almost all dance tracks. There were like less than 5 ballads. And with that powerful sound system, the dance tracks sound super good!!! You can't help it but jump with them! :D  

You are wondering why I didn't post SJ's photos.. Cuz I can't take any photos at all. I was too excited, I took some shaky videos. The whole time I was jumping around. I will post the video I took and you can hear my voice screaming... THE LAST MAN STANDING!  

After the whole thing ended (in beautiful fireworks), we got a problem going out too. I dunno why the organiser used a small gate to let us out. It was stupid. And took a long time to get out.  

The first thing we did when we got out was to buy water. I bought 4 bottles, 2 for Tara 2 for me. I finished the 2 bottles of 600ml mineral water!!!!   And then the best part, we walked 30 minutes to go back hotel..   Totally DEAD!!!! DEAD like a DEAD FISH!   But it was fun la. I didn't regret it. The ticket price of $220 was worth it.  

Oh and I must comment DBSK. ALthough I am ELF, I must admit that DBSK is truly the kings of Kpop. Their powerful stage performance and charisma is unbeatable! They totally own the stage and command your attention. I don't know how to explain this. Although they have broken up and now there are only 2 members in DBSK, they are still powerful. No wonder Cassies are so crazy...  

If I didn't fall in love with SJ first, I will probably fall in love with DBSK. Hahaha.. But I stll love SJ more. SJ is all rounded. They are silly, dorky, witty, cute, charming.. all in one.  

DBSK on the other hand is the king on stage. They just totally suck your eyeballs in and you can't even blink when they perform. They are THAT good. They have become so lengendary now. The new comers all respect DBSK. SJ and DBSK are good friends. :)  

I hope DBSK comes to SMTown sg!!! PLEASE!!!!   By the way, DBSK = TVXQ, in case you are confused.   In comparison, SHINee and EXO doesn't have that much aura and command on stage. Maybe cuz they are still not that experienced. SHINee has been around for 3 or 4 years but I don't know. They are still not quite there yet. EXO is new, think they debuted this year or last year. So yah, can see they are pretty green but nonetheless they are all good dancers and singers. 

 SM Entertainment really train their artistes well. All of them are such great peformers. BOA is very charming on stage too! Though I never really listen to her songs, she is very charismatic.  

Ok.. I will stop spazzing here. I will write another entry on my encounter with SJ in the hotel! Aww.. so unforgettable.. Hee hee...  Nitez!