Monday, December 18, 2006

JB Trip

Aiyoh.. mad or wat... So many things to blog so many that I think I will take ages to finish blogging lor.. Mad liao.

Ok Think I start off with the JB trip while it's still fresh in my mind.

I attended the opera conference in the morning and May and YH are supposed to join us but they very good. Fly aeroplane and didn't go watch lor.

They arrived at the musuem at about 3pm lor. By that time I have already watched several speakers' speech. Actually I kinda enjoyed the speeches and I do learn some stuff from them. But I think in order to understand their speeches, you will need to have some basic knowledge on opera. If not you will catch no ball, especially those speakers from China. They talked about alot of chim stuff.

During the break, I saw YH they all and I decided to skip the Pan Yue Hong's performance and Uncle's speech to go JB with them. It was a big sacrifice. Bo bian la, they want to avoid the jam.

We arrived in JB at about 5pm, check in to the hotel, then went to eat. Very sinful. Ate alot of sinful things and of cuz got eat YH's favourite xia po. The xia po actually taste like prawns lor and the shell so big, the meat so little. I sinfully ate 2 xia po, stingray, otak and vegetables.

Or mi tuo fo...

So sinful.

After that we happily go shopping. We shop and shop and shop but we didn't buy alot of things. We are quite fussy when it comes to shopping for clothes. We want CHEAP and NICE. It's very hard to find the CHEAP and NICE ones.

After shopping for awhile, bought some tops and hair bands, we went to KTV. Sing sing sing sing sing... until 1:30am. Then we got back to the hotel.

May's usual practice is to order room service wheneve she stay in hotel. Well, you can do that in JB but not in SINGAPORE lor. It will be damn bloody ex. So we ordered room service and while waiting for the food to come, we do not allow YH to fall asleep. So me and May keep disturbing her and May even asked YH to massage for her. Yet that YH bo sim anyhow press press. May keep kping that YH is pressing the wrong area and it was not shiok.

May is very fussy lor, she cannot compromise to sleep with us so halfway thru, she woke up and moved to a single bed (there was a single bed and a double bed). She got fussy requirements like the feet cannot be under the blankets. Unfortunately, YH keep tugging the blanket and May think it was too hot to sleep with us. She mad la, who ask her to wear the bath robe. She so excited to see the bathrobe that she decided to wear them to sleep.

Next morning, May was the first one to wake up and she started her usual kping so as to wake me and yh up. Me and YH were dead lor. Tired like hell. Yet she non stop kp at us until we bo bian. We tell her shut up but she wont.

Ki siao lor, she wanted to eat the hotel breakfast and she will sai us jit ba if she din manage to eat it. Breakfast will end at 10am so me and YH bo bian, have to company this hua dan eat her hotel breakfast. After we woke up, May stopped her kp.. finally.. I think she make a perfect alarm clock.

After eating breakfast, we faster go shopping. No time already. I still got to return to SG by afternoon cuz I got company dinner again at night.

YH go cut her hair while me and May go shopping. May didn't buy lots of things leh and she very buey gam wan lor. Aiyah. we will go again la but go to cheaper shopping centres PLEASE.
The things there at City Square can be bloody ex. I told May we should go to Bugis Village lor. Cheaper.

After shopping for awhile, we went back to the salon where YH was cutting hair and to our HORROR, she was GONE!

My god.. We lost YH!

So May called her and immediately she kp that she smsed May but she did not reply and she got problems calling May. Poor YH was waiting for our call.

Yah, YH got a new hair cut but seems like the rest of the troupe, after seeing her just now, did not realise that she cut her hair. YH hated her new hairstyle but I thought she looked rather feminine leh.. hee hee.. Aiyah.. quite cute mah. Dun hiam lor.

We shopped for awhile more and went back to hotel to check out. We wanted to take tacxi to da bao xia po for YH but at this critical moment it started raining cats and dogs. Damn.

We have a change of plans to go to the causeway instead but the cab driver refused cuz of the jam. He decided to drop us at some ulu place. Wah liew..

It was raining like hell lor and we do not want to go to some stupid ulu place. So someone suggest to go city square.. after awhile, someone suggest again to book a cab back to SG. So we told the cab to go the the Singapore taxi stand.

While getting stuck in a jam, we took photos of each other to kill time. Hahaha.. See YH's new hair style...

We arrived at the Singapore taxi stand and the counter guy tell us that we have got to wait for a Singapore cab to come in then bargain the price with him. He will then send us all the way back to our home. Great. Save the hassle of checking thru the customs. Woo hoo!

And so, we sat down and waited..

and waited..

and waited..

and waited..

We took photos of each other again to kill time...

We started to get restless..

YH started to wander off look for food at this mama shop. May tell me faster take photo of YH looking for food again... and blog it. hahaha.. bad right..

You can see that May is SB sian here. She and YH both commented that this photo look as if that May kana caught in Geylang and is avoiding the camera from the reporters. Hahaha... I dun want to tarnish your reputation lor may... But you said it yourself.

Finally, we managed to book this private car to send us all the way thru the customs to each of our homes for $50. I tot the price was reasonable as we do no need to queue up for the customs and we can sit thru the whole journey. Cool. I told them that since there is an option to sit thru all the customs, never am I going to take a bus back to SG again.

YH, who is a qian jin xiao jie like me, agreed.

May, who is the professional maid, sort of agreed but I think she prefer to save $$.

Back in SG... still raining like hell...

Today... still raining like hell.. My god.. so super sian...


Kongming said...

SGD50 or RM50? wat time u all got back?

Miko said...

of cuz is SGD50 lah. Wei.. the image u send me u didnt crop leh.. how to print like that.. aiyoh.. then i cannot crop in my office.

yanhong said...

u all very bad lor..i hungry mah..why take photo of me looking for food...

Miko said...

Not me lor. Is special request from May. You go tell her,"you mad or wat?!"

Anonymous said...

MIKO!!!! please stop blogging my ugly fotos here lor... all your friends will think i am very ugly lor... like that i lost chances to find lu yi lang jun lor... my god!!! aiyo...
YH: its a fact that you keep looking for food to eat... people go shopping for clothes, you eat and eat and ang still cmt you slim down le... something wrong!!!

Miko said...

You saw the pics and you knew that I will be blogging mah... yet u din say anything about i cannot blog it. Anyway I also look so damn ugly and fat lor and I lazy to edit. S0 I revealed my ugly true self. You company me to reveal our true selves lah!

Kongming said...

may: its ru yi not lu yi.
mk: must show ang those eating photo :P