Monday, November 19, 2007

Pyjamas Party

On 27 Oct, Saturday, I have got nothing else to do so Lock asked me to join his pyjamas party at AMK Hub organised by his gym. The condition of bringing me there is that I have to lend him a set of pyjamas. I don't have guy's pj lor. So I lent him my sister's one! hahaha.. It was red colour and he looked like a big red angbao.

Surprisingly, there were quite alot of people at the party. Most people wear normal clothes like t-shirts and shorts but there are some particpants wearing cute pjs. There were some mini games in the party like throw darts and mini golf but I suck at all those. I have never thrown darts or played golf before so heck lah.

Later on someone approach us to take part in the most well-dressed participant. Lock wanted to participate so I joined too. I thought it was nothing but later on we, the participants, were asked to go on stage to do catwalk in our own way. I dunno how to do catwalk lor, I only know how to do the Huadan yuan chang. So stupid la. hahaha.. So I was thinking how to walk while the host was talking. Some of the shy participants just walk normally. One did a stupid dance and Lock did a super funny boliao dance. When it was my turn I just walk like a 38 lor. I think I am rather 38 in real life mah, so I just do my usual 38 pattern.

Of cuz I didn't win la, I didn't wear any peculiar pyjamas. Lock didn't win too although he is bald. Instead, 2 aunties wear hair curlers on their heads win and another girl wearing pink dress win a consolation prize. Anyway I got a gym bag for participating. At least something la.

At the end of the party, we were expecting to win some lucky draw prizes but we didn't. What the hell. I never seems to win lucky draws.

Oh yah, I must mention the food provided was quite good but we were too full to eat anything.

Us in our pj~

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Kongming said...

Lock! wat happen to u?