Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have got a resolution. My resolution is very very simple....


Hee hee..

I have made up my mind that I will stop buying expensive opera stuff (with exception of when I go GZ next year). I will have to stop buying hair pieces and stuff like that. Then I will focus on treating my pimples, using my bonus to do laser surgery if I need to. I will see a dermatologist to treat the scars and the god damn blood sucking f**ked up pimples.

Besides that I will continue to focus on making my hair healthier and that includes buying better hair products.

Yah, so I am resolute of doing so. Investing my money on opera stuff can make me look pretty on stage but... the ultimate goal in life is too look pretty offstage! That is very important you know? More important than looking good on stage.

Being pretty off stage entitled me of lots of benefits... like getting free dinners.. movies.. presents.. flowers.. etc.. hahahah so materialistic right? But who cares?

I mean men are fickle minded. They will only be nice to you for a short while after that they will change target. So the moral of the story is.. don't need to give men face.

Ok... so I resolute to become prettier~ :)

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