Thursday, November 29, 2007


It's PSP SLIM!! I finally got it after kping so long that I need PSP slim in my life. My lonely life needs to spice up abit.

I will be no longer lonely now because I bought PSP~

You cannot trust men, cannot trust friends but you can trust PSP to be with you when you need it most. It will be your best friend providing with all the entertainment you need.

Now I can dump yx already. I don't need him anymore because he sucks and PSP rocks!

Look at the range of colours available.. Guess which colour I bought?


It's pink of course.

Pink is just so sweet....

What PSP can do:

-play games of course
-play movies
-play mp3
-surf net
-display photos

Cost: $384 including 4gb memory stick.

I put in some MTVs of Jay Chou already and some Southpark cartoons so that I can watch in the MRT.

When I got time I want to put in some more movies to watch but that will take me some time.

YX is really stupid lor, I can't stand him. He promised to give me psp like 6 months ago but he never did it. Always give me some excuses to why he didn't bring his psp. I got so fed up with him I bought my own.

When I gotta dump him, I gotta dump him.

Hahaha that reminded me, Ang told me yesterday that I got such good 'tiao jian' that I won't have a problem getting men.

My god.. never expected ang to say that but I felt flattered.. :P


Kongming said...

wat ang said is true wat.
u mao ru tian xian, wen wu shuang quan...

Miko said...

hah! You don't por me lor!~

Kongming said...

if u donate money to my bank acc, i will por u lor :P

汁仁扇用 said...

of cos men cannot be trusted.

but hor, women also cannot be trusted.

Miko said...

know what can be trusted?? My beloved PSP! Yay.. It will not walk out on me lor. And what else? Money! Yay... Money grow in banks. And what else? PS2! TonBerry! woot~

fr said...

there are also men who are very one-hearted and 'chang qing'.

Miko said...

Issit.. i can't see lor. All I see is fickle minded men. Men who like to promise alot initially then forgot what they said.