Friday, November 30, 2007


My good friend is Mr Tonberry.

He is my good friend because he is cute. I know what you guys are thinking ok. You guys think Tonberry is not cute because it's a lizard, got no hair and his eyes are yellow.

Tonberry has been very faithful to me. Through all the ups and downs in life, he has never left me. Always there watching what I do quietly. Actually I got other friends also sit there watching me for a long time. They are all my good friends. They won't be ungrateful and leave me when they think they have seen me enough. Sometimes I wish that Tonberry can talk to me.

I brought Tonberry to the office one day and Lock decided to use an amulet on him!

I bet that Lock must be guilty of some sins he did last time. He is afraid that tonberry will 'Karma' him. Karma is a skill that Tonberry has. It will add up all the sins you did in the past and return it all to you taking away your life.

Tonberry with the amulet on his forehead. It's no use lor, Lock. He is a monster leh, not a chinese vampire.

No use lor, Tonberry will be back. He will still cast 'karma' on all those who irritates him.

Tonberry is my good friend.


fengshui master said...

aiyoh, lock is so dense, some silly三脚猫 talisman of cos cannot make it mah.

tonberry is, after all just a lizard, buy a big stuffed 猫 soft toy put facing tonberry to "镇住" that silly lizard can already.


Miko said...

haha.. who is this?

fengshui master said...

u guess loh, if u manage to guess, then u get present.

if cannot guess, then, sorry loh, u dunno who i am.

Miko said...

haha ok lor.. then i rather not know who u are.

fengshui master said...

yah loh, 有些人,知名不如见文,i belong to this category.

it's better to see what i write rather that know who i am.