Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bday KTV

It was YH 's bday on 21Nov so we went to Xin Ge Cheng to celebrate for her. May got this silly idea to give YH a surprise. She will bring YH to KTV while we station there with a cake. Erm, anyway YH was not very surprised.

YH with her mango cake. I don't know what Bala is doing behind.

Ang is back finally but we are not having any performance soon. Aiyoh, why Yuzhen look so sian?? And where is Bala?

As we can see, there are not many people there. Apparently, they don't give YH face lor.

Ah May very action-packed. She sing song also very drama as if she got a thousand audience. She say she got 'tai feng' and her 'gan qing' very good lor.. -_-"


Anonymous said...

why did you say that im npt surprised.mad or what.
ya...little people give face. anyway the wrong birth of me is a nothing to celebrate.yh

Miko said...

erm.. yah wat.. you were not very surprise. Do you think you were surprised?

Haiz.. everyone's birth is a mistake lah. .all go and die lor.