Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Newly rebonded hair

There isn't much meaning with this post as I just wanna show off my newly rebonded hair. My hair is now smooth like silk, light as feather and soft like cotton.

Heh heh~

I think my hair can now do advertisment for shampoo!

I love the new rebonded hair though it is not so straight after I shampoo it but it still looks good anyway! The stylist said that the result of my rebonding is very good because my hair is virgin hair~ Never been coloured, permed or whatsoever before. (Actually I did but that was a long time ago) She was the 3rd stylist that commented I have taken good care of my hair. She told me that it is hard to maintain good hair quality at my length and I must have spent alot of time.

Well, I am very fussy when it comes to my hair. Though it is still not in super tip top quality, it is still in a pretty good condition

Firstly, I don't colour or perm them often. I think I only dyed my hair twice in my whole life and curl it once before.

Secondly, I NEVER blow dry my hair~ I always wait for them to dry by themselves.

Thirdly, NEVER EVER comb your hair when it's wet because your hair will break and you will lose hair (May and YH, please follow this rule so you can stop kping that you all have got thin hair).

Fourthly, NEVER EVER start combing from your scalp. Always start brushing your hair at the ends to remove tangles then slowly work your way up. (May and YH follow this rule too) This is to also prevent hair lost.

Fifthly, bend over your body and let your hair down in front of you and start brushing from your neck to you hair tips. (Saw this tip online. I don't know what's the purpose but I follow anyway)

Sixthly, ALWAYS condition your hair after shampooing.

Seventhly, ALWAYS do hair mask once per week.

Eightly, dont scratch your scalp with so much force when you shampoo. (May should follow this)

I think that's about all. I am so nice lor.. hahaha...

May and YH always kp that they got thin hair. I told May that she is washing her hair with far too much strength! She always scratch her scalp as if she got a super mega itchy scalp. She told me that she enjoy going to the salon and let those people scratch her scalp with their nails. My god, that is so harsh for our poor hair. I told her to use the flesh part of our fingers to shampoo but she can't do it because it's not shiok enough.

Also, she likes to force her comb through all those tangles in her hair. She comb her hair when it's wet and 'da da li' push her comb through the tangles. You should use your fingers to detangle them then comb. She hasn't got much patience apparently.

Well, then there is a very good reason why you have got thin hair.


Kongming said...

after teaching doing tou guan n tou shi, now is tou fa ah. wat's next?

Miko said...

I dunno leh.. I got lots of pimples so I cannot do skincare blog.. Hmm.. Maybe I will teach how to play games.