Thursday, November 22, 2007


For years and years and years, Ekin Cheng was my idol. Since I was 14 years old, I idolised him like mad and collected everything I can find about Ekin. Hehe.. What a lovely childhood I had~ :P

I joined his fanclub, did crazy things etc.. There was once I STOOD for 7 hours in Tower Records just to get his autograph and take photos. We were not allowed to sit because there wasn't enough space. So I have to stand all the way. I remember that he has hair extensions that time because he was still filming 'Feng Yun'. So he got this cut piggy tail behind his back.

I think my collection of Ekin Cheng's stuff will scare the wits out of all of you. It's crazier than Amai's collection for Farenheit, crazier than YP's collection of SHE. I am very sure because the collection was done over a span of 7 years! I stopped collecting because they are taking up far too much space and my mum is constantly kping about all those stuff. I still can't bear to throw them away tho cuz I took so MUCH so MUCH efforts to collect them..

I will do another entry on those collections. Now I will just show off some ekin's photos which I took.
The fanclub had this secret event to invit Ekin for chicken rice at Boon Tong Kee in Balestier. Only club members were invited and the public didn't know. If not there will be a super big crowd there.

Ekin love chicken rice and laksa. He always go to these stalls secretly when he was in Singapore.

He is a very friendly and nice person, not snobbish at all. I know all those talks about his relationships but that's his business and changing gf is not such a big deal. They are not married what. I have changed dozens of bf, many more than him, but you are still reading my blog right? hahaha.

That's him, that's him! He is cute, ain't he? Awww...

Ekin is the only person that both me and May felt that is handsome. Normally our tastes clash because she is interested in older, uncle-ish, lao da, gangster kind of men and I am more interested in those trendy, hip kind.. She like Ekin because he acted as lao da in gu wak zai.
Tell you the truth, I was a star chaser when I was young. I went after quite a few singers but none of them got the charm like Ekin. They were all friendly and nice to fans but Ekin was different. He doesn't try to keep fans at arm's length. I have seen Daniel Chan, Ronald Cheng, Alex To, Aaron Kwok.. etc.. just for fun.. I went to attend their autograph sessions but I only joined 1 fanclub, Ekin's one.

Ekin was quite 'qin qie'. At the Boon Tong Kee event, he started giving out exclusive posters to us and of course we will ask for autographs. We queued up (we were obedient fans) for it and when it was my turn, I asked for him to sign with the silver pen cuz the poster is black.

He told me,"I think it's nicer to sign with the black pen here." He pointed to the silver camera he was holding in the poster, "don't you think so?"

He chuckled and I said,"yea, sign on the camera then~ Thanks!"

He will try to strike some sort of conversation with his fans unlike other singers who will probably just sign blindly using a black pen on a black poster.

He ask another fan,"So long didn't see you, you weren't here the last time I came.." Seems like he remembered everyone. My brother was there too and he remembered my bro clearly too because he was tall and he is the only few guys in the club.

Those were the days~~ Missed those happy days~


露仁假 said...

actually your posts r rather interesting n enjoyable to read, i don't think u r bored since u have so many activities.

perhaps u r not bored, but u do not know what u want.

Anonymous said...

yap.. I think Ekin is the ONLY man both u and me have the same taste. but... i must stress... ah cheng is still the best.

Miko said...

露仁假: Do I know you? As in are you some friends from my normal life and commented here using some name in disguise so i don't know you are reading my blog.. You are LOCK right? Or.. JAMES right??? or maybe I think too much

May Teng: Thank you very much, You don't have to declare your love for Ah cheng here lor.. I think whole world know already...

过露课 said...

露仁假 is not lock.

露仁假 is not james.

露仁假 is not always 露仁假。

for example 露仁假 can be 巴士大叔。

or 小兵。

or 店小二。

it depends on the script.

Miko said...

erm.. ok.. Though I dont get it but thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

i don't use silly names ok!