Friday, November 23, 2007

Sudden Urge

I got this sudden urge to write alot of blog entries. I don't know why I am feeling this way. I want to tell alot of stories, write about all those craps that happened in my life and those stuff that I am interested in.

Is that a good thing or bad thing?

If you like to read my blog, then it's a good thing..

If you don't like to read my blog, then you shouldn't be reading this because you can't be bothered to come here..

So apparently if you are reading this, you like my blog.

So it's a good thing.


I wonder if I will ever run out of nonsense to write.

But if I run out of nonsense one day, I will shut down my blog.


绵绵小雨 said...

personally i think, writing a lot of entries one shot is not nice, blog entries 重质不重量 , 狂风暴雨必不能持久。

fr said...

how come link to your opera blog removed...usually i come here first then go your OFB and then visit md, now must reverse

Miko said...

hello, actually what I mean is that I suddenly have the urge to write alot of things because alot of things suddenly come to my mind and I dunno where to start. I don't normally write mindless entries as you can see my entries are quite long. Thanks for visiting.

FR: Hahaha.. Today then I found out your sequence. ok la, I will put it back.