Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pek Cek

I am in a pretty bad mood recently. So bad mood that I wish I am dead! So ultimately sian.


1) Pimples are again harvesting themselves on my face. Again.. and again.. and again... and again... When the hell is it going to stop? One appeared on my left cheek, on on my right cheek and one on my forehead! To hell with these pimples! Everytime a pimple appear on my face, it is bound to leave footprints behind and that is what I hate most because it takes an ENORMOUS amount of time for them to fade. If the pimples condition is not going anywhere better, I am going to see a skin doctor. Pek cek.

2) My hair got cut shorter than what I wanted. Well, I actually wanted to cut of the part where I dyed before and shorten my fringe. As all of you guys know my butt length hair is so super long so I can't really see the hairdresser cutting it. She did held up to show me how much she gonna cut and I thought it looks fine. After the haircut then I realised that my butt-length hair is now waist length hair. To normal people like my colleagues and friends, they felt that my hair length looked the same. My father told me I look as if I didn't went to the hair dresser at all. But.. but it DOES makes a difference. Anyway, I have got waist length hair now instead of butt length.

Also, the person who cut my hair didn't layer it the way I wanted so I went to another hairdresser yesterday to layer it. Fortunately, this hairdresser is not ex. She exclaimed,"Your hair is soooo long." I replied,"I consider this as short hair already." -_-"

Then I repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly tell her not to shorten my hair any further. Just layer it. Don't do anything else. Think she very stress so she cut bit by bit and showed me the progress.

I think it will take about 5 months to get back the length I think is good. Sian and pekcek like hell. Fortunately now don't have performance.

Looking on the bright side, I do think I look much more chic and modern now. Butt-length hair looks a bit too heavy and auntie-ish and many people commented my hair looks good.

3) There has been some bastards making noise at my void deck for the past 2 nights. GOD DAMN THOSE BASTARDS AND BITCHES! They are sec school kids and I guess that they are having holidays now and they are creating such a din at my void deck at night!!! I wish they will fail their exams badly and then they will go commit suicide. Or they fall on the MRT tracks while waiting for MRT. Or the lift suddenly move upwards when they are halfway into it.

I am good at cursing right? Hah.

They created a din at our void deck until 3am! I was so pissed off because they woke me up. Not only that. They played catching on our corridor!! Who the hell play catching at 3am??? At around 1am, they were playing ping pong at the void deck and I went to complain at the security to make him chase them away. They kept quiet for awhile and I managed to fall asleep then they started playing catching on the corridors at 3am which woke me up again. Dammit. They should die a horrible death.

This morning, I went to the guard house to make another complain and ask for their phone numbers. There was another man there making the same complain. The guards told us there were 6 boys and a few girls. I took the guard's number so I can call him the next time the kids make noise.

These kids apparently has got no discipline. I don't know how their parents teach them or how the school educate them. Doesn't they know it's a weekday and people need to sleep? They don't own this whole goddamn condo ok. Their parents are such failures and if they can't teach their kids, then don't have them! Their parents should be condemned also.

All of them should just go and die. Hope they will get into a car accident or something. Maybe they should all go JB and kana robbed and murdered. Singapore don't need these kind of inconsiderate useless scums.

This just increase my HATRED for kids. I just hate kids. I just can't stand them making noise. If I have a child, I will probably beat him or her up very often and stuck a bun in his/her mouth to prevent them from crying. Kids.. there shouldn't be kids in this world because they are such a NUISANCE! Hate them!

Please don't leave comments and say that I was a kid once because I don't run around void decks at 3am at that age. I was not so inconsiderate and brainless.

I am starting to hate this world more and more. I just wish that I am dead.


Kongming said...

3am?! those kids no home to go ah! where their parents?

fr said...

The students deserve to be caned...

Miko said...

Apparently, they came to stay over at someone's house lor. They are very lucky that it's a condominium. If it's a flat, I would've called the police.

fr, they should be caned and hopefully they should fail their exams! dammit.

When I was at that age, I will invite some guy/girl friends to stay over too but we never do anything like that! We at most play PS and watch VCD (not loudly of cuz).

The guards said that the kids dump alot of rubbish at our void deck. Full of empty cans and tidbits bags. My god. Luckily yday night got funeral so they never come.