Thursday, November 15, 2007

The League of Siao Kias

Once upon a time, there was a league of siao kias graduated from NYP (except for 1, he was a prince, lol). They graduated from NYP Diploma in Digital Media Design and because of the nature of this course, they were brainwashed to be siao kias.

Some names in the league: Henry, Lock, Vincent, David, Sumi etc.

After we graduated from NYP, somtimes we will hang out at Marina Square. Even though I don't drink at that time, I will join them for their drinking session. They often buy beers and drink at Millenia Walk. Kind of miss those days. I think I was happier at those times.

Unfortunately, the league is now broken. Henry is now missing in Sabah. Lock is still around. Vincent don't know what happen, never reply sms and has got a gf already. David is now in some games company think he is too busy to come out. Sumi was missing for a few years but he came back recently.

I kind of missed Henry also, that crazy KTV freak. Maybe I will jio Lock to go Sabah visit him.

Vincent was Henry's friend, I always remember him saying that he is actually a prince in disguise. One day he will go do treatment for his hair, adjust his teeth or something and he will become a prince. Hahaha..

I went to dig out some old photos of the league. Those happier days.

It was David's bday and we went Marche at Suntec for dinner. Beer as usual was their favourite beverage. The one on the right side is Lock. Lock looked slimmer and MUCH younger. So sad right.

After dinner at Marche, Vincent went for his regular smoke. From the left, vincent, John, David and Lock. David pretending to beat up Lock.

A friendlier photo. Lock realised that he is so short in this photo. Actually Vincent, David and Henry were quite tall. Henry is the tallest. He is about 183cm I think.

Baron Strong Brew was one of their favourite beer.

David and Vincent.

I think this photo is very funny, vincent and David admiring fireworks!

Notice that me on the leftiest side! I don't know who took this photo. I was listening to Henry talking rubbish.

This HP showing off time. Hahaha... I didn't remember David using the N-Gage before leh.

The bottles of alcohol they used to drink.

David on the floor.

The left one is Sumi and the right one is Henry.

David and Henry.

Henry was my closest friend in school. He taught me how to play PS and introduced the wonderful Final Fantasy to me. I used to get stuck with FF7 and I will ask him for help. In the end, he bought me a Gameshark for one of my birthdays! Gameshark is a cheating device for PS. I can enter codes to become invincible.

I used to be a quiet and nice girl hor, but ever since I mix around with this league of siao kias, I got influenced! I often say stupid things and do stupid things. .even until now~

So 'huai nian' those days. I showed the photos to Lock. He also very huai nian those days.

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