Friday, November 23, 2007

Cryptid - Butterflyman

I don't know if you are an avid reader of my blog but if you are, you might have read the entry some time ago about my interest in Crytozoology, the science of hidden animals.

I have a wide range of interest (yah and I still feel bored) and they are not really inter-related. Weird right?

Ok, back to the topic, my friend forwarded me an email on Butterflyman. They look like a hoax to me. If it's a hoax then it should be a very well made sculpture. I have seen lots of such pictures and they always turn out to be a hoax.

Looks real huh?

I am trying to some research on it to know if it's a fake. I am almost certain that it's fake.


fr said...

I think it is a fake too.I also remember you have many interests.

Miko said...

Yes de, once I found out if it's a hoax, I will announce on my blog.

I am interested in many things except for economics and politics. So sian when people talk about economics and MD always blog about stocks exchange.. that is a very sian topic.

Kongming said...

where got always? dont remember talkin abt it for months... :p