Monday, November 12, 2007

Boring Life and Boring Post

I realised that my life is so super boring. Nothing seems to excite me or make me feel specially happy. Sometimes I wonder. I am doing the same things as what other people do but they are not bored. They feel that it's very fulfilling and they are satisfied with it.

I am just so unsatisfied with everything and I don't know why.

For example, sometimes Lock will come to my place to play PS2 and we will spend pratically the whole day playing PS2 and eating. After the day, he will feel that it was very fulfilling and satisfying to do all that but I still feel kind of sian. I still feel so moody.

I know people said that we shouldn't expect too much in life and we will be happy with everything little things. I am not expecting alot in life but life is a boring phase to achieving nirvana.


Being such a boring person with such a boring life, I don't think I can write anything interesting anymore. I think my blog will die and become boring like me!

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