Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do we look alike?

Ever since I started learning GZX, many people have told me that Amai and me look alike. Do we??

Yesterday I was surfing the blogs and was looking at the photos MX put up on her blog as palace maid. My mum was looking too and told me that this person look like me. I told her that's MX. She said, you 2 look so alike, especially the eyes!

Look alike meh?

There was another time when I was also looking at some photos Amai posted. She was wear opera make up but wearing a normal t-shirt. My mum also looked at that photo.

She asked me: I don't remember you got that t-shirt.
I replied: Well, cuz that's not me.



However, I do agree that we did look alike in some areas when we are not in make up.. but I don't think we look alike with make up leh.

I bet Amai also heard similiar comments that we look alike too..


shanice said...

i heard similar comments too...

Miko said...

I have heard more than 5 or 6 people telling me that. There were also people who disagree~

fr said...

I disagree.

Miko said...

first person to disagree here.

Baylee said...

Interesting to know.