Friday, November 02, 2007


I realised a phenomenon recently.

Everybody stopped putting comments on my blog!! It's strange and.. ghastly... maybe .. maybe all my friends are DEAD!! oh no.....

So sad.

Ok, seriously, I realised everyone starts to sms me their comments directly rather than leaving them in my blog. Maybe, they want a fast response from me? woot~

People like May, she will email or sms me when she read something in my blog. Is it some kind of trend or what? Weird

So only people like FR will leave comments because he don't have my hp number. hahaha.. oops. And maybe MD.

BTW, I have been itching to go KTV cuz I learnt alot of new songs and I want to try out singing~ Shit man.. and that silly May and YH bought so many costumes in TW that they are too broke to go KTV. What the hell lor. Really. Seriously. What the hell?

May is SO SO SO broke that she will be living by drinking water for the next 2 months.

They cannot tahan the temptation of costumes in GX. Mad. Luckily I didn't go. If not... I can't imagine. I am happy that I still have my beloved money with me. :D

Money money money.. the most important thing in the world.

So conclusion is: There are less comments in my blog now cuz everyone prefer to sms and.. no ktv sessions for me cuz my kakis are BROKE. -_-"


Anonymous said...

haha... i also got face similar thing - people msg me on my entry rather than leave comments. may be some comments are more private ? xj

Anonymous said...

aiyo... now everyone know I m broke le la... so sad right? somemore, you are so right in certain sense that i get sick of costumes easily. so its like i am forever buying and buying... shit.. i think this is a sickness.. i must find my remedy soon else sooner or later, i need to move to your house when my ah long find me.

Miko said...

XJ: Yes de, but the sms are not exactly private also lah.. just some.. normal comments lor.. I think they want immediate response lor.

I know you very well lor may, you will get sick of your costumes after you wear them for about 5 times. Even if you not sick, audience will be sick lor. Unless you keep that costume for anoth 5 years then take out and wear again.