Monday, November 26, 2007

Men with Long Hair

From a young age, I have always got this soft spot for guys with long hair. Hahaha. I didn't realise it until one day a friend pointed it out to me that most of the guys which I think are handsome have got long hair.

So yah, I found out that I got this weird fetish.

May will probably hate all men with long hair because they look like gays or too girlish. She prefer hunky men who look like gangsters.

I thought I might feature some men which has got long hair in the blog but I changed my mind to feature game CHARACTERS instead. I think game characters are so much cooler. I simply went gaga over these characters when I was playing the game.

The first game I played was FF7 when I was 17. I was so captivated by the bad guy in this game, Sephiroth. How can squaresoft make such a handsome bad guy! It made it so hard for me to kill him at the end of the game.. sad..

Sephiroth...Click on it, you can see the details of his face. Very good graphics.

Isn't he so mega cool???? Haiz.. too bad he is a bad guy. I have to kill him.

In FF7, the main character Cloud looked like a kid so I don't really feel anything special about him.

Square decided to remake FF7 into a movie and improve the looks of Cloud, making him as mega handsome as Sephiroth.. my god..

Now I can't decide who I prefer.. Cloud or Sephiroth.

Another photo.. oops.. I mean picture of Cloud. This picture is so mega real you will think it's a photo.

Cool.. too cool.

Maybe I will post a movie clip of this movie. I got the VCD leh..

Another long hair guy from the FF7 movie, Vincent Valentine. Aww.. he is so mysterious.

Vincent is a shooter, he uses guns. Cloud is a slayer, he uses big blades. Sephiroth uses long swords.

In FF8, my favourite character was Laguna Loire. He is another long hair dude.

There are not many pictures of him online because he was not a major character in the game.

Laguna on the left and the main character, Squall leonhart on the right. I like Laguna so much that I even got a figurine of him at home.. :P

Among all the characters which one do you prefer? heehee, I think I should post something about the girls in the games. The girls are pretty cute too! But please don't drool on you keyboard.

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