Sunday, December 05, 2010

Da Mung = Sadako

One day I was combing the wig when I suddenly got the idea to put it on Scrump and take photo. I think scrump looks very cute with the wig on her head!!!

Does she looks like some rock singer or what? So funny lor.

Then my mum walked past my room and started laughing at ah scrump. So bad.. laugh at my dearie Scrump. Then she put the wig on my Da mung instead but I think Da mung looks like Sadako...!!!!

And so Da mun decided to cosplay as Sadako!!!

Sadako is climbing onto my bed!!!! My god!!!!

By the way, it was my mother who was manipulating my Da Mung. We even got a video of Da mung cosplaying Sadako! I was trying to stifle my laughter when taking the video...


Anonymous said...


Miko said...

this is MD issit? I dun think it's YH or May lor. May will not comment. YH will comment 'stupid miko, u very boliao.'

So must be MD la.

amai said...

This is so scary!!!!

Kongming said...

lol.. ya.. md
like tat u also can guess ah..