Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Movie Marathon

Today, my friend whose name starts with 'M' called me. It was a pleasant surprise because this heartless friend went to Taiwan without telling me. Whole world ask me what happened to her and I told them I don't know. She is not my good friend lor. Then first thing when she came back to Singapore was to call me and tell me that she is not a friend whose name starts with 'M'. I mean, her name really starts with 'M' what... Nothing wrong with saying that right. Ok lah, what about... my friend whose name's initial is MT.

MT called me to tell me her name doesn't starts with M... HAhahaha.

Today I went for a movie marathon with another fish, whose name starts with 'P'. Hahahaha.. That other fish name's is ponyo. We are 2 fishes who survives on Earth with pure movies and shopping only. Since we haven't seen any movies for a long long time, we decided to watch 2 at one go. Very challenging right. LOL.

First we went to subway to get a sandwich and some drinks from NTUC then we watched the first movie, Confession.

Confession is a thriller. I think it's a really really really nice movie! It's not scary or too gory but the plot really draws you in and keeps you thinking. You won't, for one moment, feel bored or start to drift away in your own thoughts. The movie captivates you and keep you anticipating for the next scene. It basically tells the story using different perspective from different people. Everything that you saw in the beginning ended up being not what it is. It's very complex and entertaining. I think you all should go see before it's taken off screen.

After the first movie, we went to NTUC again and this time we bought a small tub of ice-cream to share. HAhhaha.. Very sinful but ok lah. I very long never eat ice-cream. As the next show we are watching is Rapunzel, I find it very appropriate to eat ice-cream an watch at the same time.

I love Rapunzel! It is so extremely funny! I dunno how the hell the script writers can come up with such witty lines and scenes. I love that little chameleon. Its expression is classic. The whole show is so sweet and romantic and I even find some parts to be tear-jerking. LOL, I am getting too emotional but it's really quite touching at some parts. The princess is really cute, using the frying pan as a weapon where ever she goes.

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