Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today, I wore heels. WHOLE DAY.

Whole FREAKIN day.


And I didn't die.

This post is about heels, KPing about heels..

I wore heels then I went to AMK to buy something.. then I went Orchard to wait for Nick. While waiting for him and walking around for another 30 min, I realised that my anklet is rubbing against my ankle with the back of my shoes. I was starting to blister. This spells trouble so I quickly go get some plasters and stick one on my ankle before it worsens.

When Nick came, we went to Purvis Street and he parked there. He wanted to go to the National Library to do some stuff and asked me if I want to bring my laptop. I told him... no... because I am wearing heels and I dun want to put more weight on them. Anyway, everything can be done with his laptop wat, no need mine right.

So he offered to carry the laptop for me to the library. Well, at least when he carry things, he walks slower. Else I can never catch up with him with these stupid heels.

I know that many women cant live without heels. They wear them everywhere they go, even to the beach. And some women also claimed that they feel comfortable in heels, their feet don't hurt at all. Actually this is all so not true lor. I think they pain until they numb already so cannot feel.

Go on the train, see how many girls have plasters, scars or blisters at the back of their ankles. There are alot.

I also don't like to go shopping with girls on heels because they can't walk. I mean they can't walk for long. They claim that they are ok with heels to go shopping and they won't feel pain at their feet but this is also SO not true. I can walk with my flats from morning till night with only a few breaks in between. The friends with heels often feels tired only after 2 or at most 3 hours.

Back to the story, we went library, I finally got the chance to sit down and rest my poor feet. After awhile, we went to Bras Basah to print Nick's photos and then we went popular to get some files. As I trod on, my feet felt more and more tired and sore.

I wish I have brought slippers along.

Eventually, when we walked back to the car I was so relieved. I told Nick I feel so xin fu just to be sitting in his car at that moment. Hahahaa...

After that we went to Chinatown and he parked his car at Hong Lim complex. At that point of time I remembered something he said to me the previous time when we went to Hong Lim Complex. He said,"我park在3A可以吗?你满意吗?"

I find it very funny lor. So just now I told him to park at 3A again because I am very man yi with that location. LOL.. He is very lame sometimes.

Then.. Wah lao eh... we walked again to Chinatown point, my feet has reached it's limit already, going to break apart. We went to this kopitiam and I quickly sat down... Take every chance to rest my feet. Nick asked me for permission to change seats cuz he can see from my face that I am so drained from walking whole day. Aiyah, change seats only, of cuz can lah... not like asking me to go very far to change.

Finally, our last destination of the day is to go to a movie premier at Vivo. Alot of mediacorp artistes were there and this is actually the reason why I had to drag my heels everywhere today. In the cinema I whispered to Nick,"Faster off the lights leh, then I can take off my shoes."


Oh yah beside kping my heels there is something I want to say also.

Today in the car, we talked alot about the artistes in Mediacorp. We mentioned quite a few people. Then at night, the people whom we mentioned all sit at the same row with us~ LOL... First, Huang Bi Ren sat at the far end, then Lai yi ling sat beside me (later she moved away), then got Huang Jiong Yao sitting beside Nick and lastly Zoe Tay sitting one seat away from me. Nick gave me the *gasp* look.... Hahaha.. I whispered,"You are spooky leh, all the people you mentioned all sit with us..."

I think he just spooked himself out too.

I am now so comfortably at home, both feet planted firmly on the ground.. They are so happy and relieved to be out of that crampy shoes. Nick suggested that I put a pair of flats in his car. I think I will do that. I am going to wear flats tomorrow... even tho tomorrow got to meet client...

Don't care..

Feet pain...

Nowadays more and more people are wearing flats anyway...


cailing said...

haha i can't wear heels too! freaking pain :X Sometimes i do really 佩服 those ppl who can walk ard with their heels whole day!

Miko said...

I think those who wear whole day their feet already numb.. no feeling liao..