Friday, December 31, 2010

A Child's Dream

Finally~! At long last! Our first baby is borned!! After much thinking and planning, Nick and I finally have our first baby! Keep your wallet, you don't have to give us an Ang Bao cuz it is not a real baby.

It is our first event as a contest! And Nick says it's our first baby~ LOL, we will subsequently have more 'babies'.

This contest is a singing contest for children below the age of 14. It is very simple actually. Simply record your child telling us his/her ambition, why they love their parents and sing for 1 minute.

It is very easy~ Then you just need to like Tok Tok Chiang Facebook page and upload your video there. There will be a panel of reputable judges whom decisions will make up 30% of the overall score and public voting will take up the other 70%.

The first 3 winners will be winning a 2-day speech and drama workshop, a contract with Tok Tok Chiang and chances to appear on TV drama/advertisements etc. Besides that, they will also recieve prizes from our sponsors which amount to $5000.

I am amazed with Nick that he can get so many prizes. The prizes are very attractive and it is too bad that I don't have a child so I can't join.

:) Do tell your friends about it and join the contest!

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