Sunday, December 26, 2010


Weijun was telling me that during a drama or movie shoot, it is very important to 打灯. The correct lighting will hide shadows, eye bags etc.

It is interesting because sometimes the lighting on stage will affect how our make up looks also. It is very hard for me to gauge sometimes because I have never se myself live on stage before. LOL.. I can only listen to comments.

He was doing computer work when he suddenly told me about the lighting effects.

You may think that in the above photo he is very hard working, using his phone and the computer at the same time, very IT savvy. Actually he was trying to use them to 打灯 on his face! Hahaha.. We experimented the lighting effects using his laptop and phone..

What? I can hear you saying that we are very boliao.. but we are not lor! We need to yan jiu the lighting effects mah..


Anonymous said...

littlebird:'s hard to get it right and natural. And yes, I see lighting can make a big difference, in tv, movie and such.

Such as HK TVB television, their lighting skills are great, they even make old actor looks like they have "baby skin" (metaphor), but still look natural.

Miko said...

yup.. i think taiwan and hongkong really do their lighting very well. you look at taiwan drama, everyone got baby skin!