Saturday, December 18, 2010

Newspaper cuttings

It has been a long long time since I last cut any newspapers or magazine articles. Although I really love Wang Li Hong and Jay Chou very much, I never collect their magazine articles. I just love their songs that's all (ok, I admit, I do like LeeHom's handsome face). Weijun asked me if I have anyone that I idolise so much thatI will do crazy things. I told him no. Then he asked what about opera. Is there anyone I love very much that I will go backstage and take photos with them. I told him nope too. I don't really go to any backstage to take photos of anyone. I just watch and go. I only enjoy the art they show us on stage. I don't need to know them personally.

The one and only actor I was really really crazy is Ekin! LOL. He is the only one that I will cut magazines and newspapers for. I even keep like about 10 files of newspaper articles of him. It all started when I was 14 years old and I just keep the hobby of liking him till now. Talking about this. My dearest EKIN is going to have another concert in HK next year in March. There is an offer for all fans to buy tickets at the first few rows but I can't go lah. I got performance at that period and plus I can't keep going HK! Siong you know.... So never mind lor. Give it a miss.. MY heart is bleeding...

Weijun always tease me and say Ekin is my future husband but I don't think of such ridiculous stuff. I always stop him from saying such nonsense.

Recently, Weijun started passing me magazines and newspapers with HIS ad or articles inside. LOL. I told him,"I don't anyhow collect newspapers and magazines for people one you know. I only collect for Ekin and I stopped collecting already."

"Well, now you do lor. I will always buy an extra copy of newspaper for you with me inside from now on..."

"You should feel honoured that I am doing this for you."

"Yah I feel honoured to be of same status as Ekin..."


So now, I am starting to collect all these again.. It's very tedious one leh. Last time when I collected Ekin's stuff, I piled up a high mountain of magazines and spent lots of time arranging his articles in my files.

The files are still around. If you are interested to see my Ekin collection, do let me know. I can show you my handsome Ekin's collections.. you will be surprised at how much I collected over the years..

Anyway, my home got so many things already. Got opera things, got Ekin, got books, got comics, now still got Weijun. I think I will ki siao leh. I must do housekeeping soon.... My mum keep telling me to throw my comics away but noooooo.. I love my comics too..... And my books... They are like my babies!

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