Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Gifts~

Christmas is over, New Year is coming. How fast time flies! Have you had a fruitful 2010? I didn't work alot in 2010.. Only worked till end April and then I decided to resign. My best decision in 2010 is to have Tok Tok Chiang, the fruit of my love for Opera! :)

Establishing Tok Tok Chiang was a rash decision at first because I couldn't find any joy anymore in working at offices. I was rash and smsed Nick telling him that I want to join his venture for Tok Tok Chiang. Though it was a hasty decision, I didn't regret it. I am still young, I have no commitments, I have savings, if I don't do it now, I might never have another chance like this again.

So here I am!

Christmas is the season for giving but as I am now still income-less, I can't afford to buy presents this year. I only give presents on birthdays now. All other festive seasons.... nothing.

However, I did recieve gifts! :)

From Susan and Nick! :) How nice~

First of all, Nick gave my sis a Xiao Ding Dang mug...

See my sister so happy.

Taking photos outside my home. I was about to go to SL christmas party when we decided to take photos..

Nick kept laughing at my christmas hat.... I think it's cute lor!

The present that Nick is holding is Susan give him one.. So nice of Susan lor, she gave Nick present too~ And She gave me a cute bag also!

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands... *clap clap*

Yesterday Iwent to a funeral with Nick (yes, I even go to funeral with him... dun be too surprised). The deceased was Nick's ex boss whom groomed Zoe Tay and Li Nan Xing in the past. He used to be the top boss in Mediacorp, controlling all the artistes but later on he went to China to further the business.

Attending a funeral is a very 'heavy' thing. It just weighs down on you and you will start feeling down too. See how fragile life can be! What you want to do, do now! Don't wait. Time doesn't wait, your body doesn't wait. It will grow old each day and then one day you will no longer have the strength to do anything...

So.... If you are happy and you know it clap your hands... *clap clap*

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