Sunday, December 26, 2010

Clementi Hosting

Last week went Clementi for hosting. I didn't know which part of Clementi it was until I reached the place and saw that it's directly under Tian's block!

LOL, I was very happy and told Weijun that it's my friend's block, I am going to call her down. So I called Tian and she happened to be at home. So I asked her to come down and chit chat.

It has been a very very long time since I last saw Tian already. I think she really lost a lot of weight. Though she denied and said that she has gained weight. I think she has really lost a lot of weight lor.

We met up and had dinner together while Weijun was being briefed on what to do for the show.

See his face, very solemn...

Tian and me happily eat Bah Chor Mee, she treated me~ Aiyoh, so paiseh.. She said that I seldom come to Clementi so she treat me lor.. Then I treated her drinks. We talked about our latest updates. She updated me on Naiba's troupe while I updated her about COI stuff.

Later I found out that Tian's sister also took part in the event in which Weijun is hosting. So I introduced them to Weijun. It's a RC event for Christmas. The ticket which participants bought even entitled them to a box of KFC. Not bad right.

He had fun with the children because he is also a big child. :D

Ah Tian accompanied me till the end of the event. Think it finished at about 10pm and the RC invited us to a little buffet. Weijun was hungry like mad so he ate there. I didn't know that Tian was waiting for me outside until I was about to leave and she smsed me. Actualy if I had known that the event is at Tian's place, I will bring my mum along. She hasn't seen tian for some time too.

Oh yah, no photos of Tian here~ She didn't want to take photos... And no photos of me. I refuse to take photos also.. LOL...

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