Friday, December 24, 2010

Ku Gua Prince

Today, my multi-talented boss said that he can fry the bitter gourd at my house if my mum allows it. My mum is ok one mah.. tho I know some people starting with the letter 'M' don't like people to touch her kitchen. Not Miko lah, I don't cook..

So the ku gua prince bought a bitter gourd and some spinach from the market to my place today. Spinach he didn't fry though, my mum fried for him. Nice leh the spinach and he told me it's good for skin so I must eat more~

Erm.. today 阿竣上菜 is going to introduce, bitter gourd fried with eggs.

As I am not allowed to post his photos without approval, I can only post back view. hahaha..


I must comment that his dish is actually nice. I liked it quite a lot. Abit on the salty side but still not too bad! My brother and my sis are blinded by him liao.. My brother normally don't eat bitter gourd but today, he actually ate it and said that it's not bitter at all. He even said that my mum's bitter gourd is much more bitter than Nick's.

Very BAI MU right...

Nick says he is a good cook and he can cook many dishes. LOL, abit unlike him and unbelievable. He told me he can cook duck meat, fry kuay teow etc... Like very chim dishes right.. I dunno lah cuz I only cook maggie mee...

He commented that my kitchen is very clean and asked my mum if she can help out with HIS kitchen. Haha.. I have see his kitchen before.It's not too bad also lah.. considering that there are only 2 men living in his house, it's already quite clean.

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