Sunday, December 26, 2010

X'mas Day


How I spent my christmas day?

In the morning I went to Sengkang sports Complex with Amai and Miss Feng Min. They are now very enthusiastic about swimming and I heard from AMai that FM was very excited to go swimming that day.

There were some water slides in the swimming complex and I find them quite scary. Weird enough, Amai who loves roller coasters were afraid of the water slides. FM who were afraid of the roller coasters, love the water slides. How come like that??

So FM asked me to have a go on the slides.. which I was rather unwilling to. Anyway since I am there just give it a try lor. I find the going down part pretty scary cuz you move very fast with the water gushing down. The going into the pool part is still ok though but I hate the water pushing themselves into my nose.

After swimming, I went home and then our family went for dinner and walk walk at Central which is at Clark Quay. We wanted to go see the flea market there but who knows it wasn't open. I am not sure if it is because of the rain or is it because of the festive season.

So we hang around inside Central.

My sister likes to take photos and the pictures below are taken by her.

MY sister standing so straight. Like going to assembly like that.

Wow, finally, a post that is not about Weijun. HAhaha.. I know that's what you are thinking! No choice you know. I work a lot with him nowadays so I have nothing else to write about except our work. Christmas day happens to be my off day so I didn't see him~ And that is why got this post..

I found out today that my sister has improved her photo taking skills. She used to take photos without the head or without an arm etc. Now she is better, at least can see the whole body. It's an encouragement. :)

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amai said...

Hahahahahaha, FM loves sports and she loves swimming yozz.

The water slides are fun just that I don't really fancy the water gushing into my nostrils...choke choke...

Hope I improve in my swimming... I still worry about the depth...

I wanna to learn swimming not just wearing swimming costume and be water babe playing with water. LOL