Friday, December 17, 2010

Busy Days

If you often see my blog, you will realised that I have blogged less these 2 weeks. Actually it's not that I have done nothing and that I have got nothing to blog. In fact, I have done many things and there are many things for me to write about. It's just that most of the things I am busying of is about my work with Weijun.

I seldom blog about a particular person constantly in a blog because it will seems very boring to always read about the same person so I stopped writing altogether.

For example, Amai will be like,"What? Your boss again? Boss trip again?"

LOL, I have got many many boss trips that I can write about but I think it will be very boring lah... Then again it's actually quite interesting to get the inside view of how an artiste works. Many people might not be interested tho so I didn't write too much about it.

May they all will prefer to read something that is related to COI or the COI ppl. I would love to blog about them but we haven't done anything interesting lately. We only go for rehearsals and then dinner that's all. I didn't even go for the dinners.. I wanna save money... :)

Recently, I had a lot of Amai's so called Boss Trips. For example, one that I went to was at Zouk. He was there hosting a D&D for a company called AT&T. AT&T is a very big American communications company. It's like the American's equivelant to Singtel. So interesting right, the D&D was at Zouk.

I told Weijun that it is my first time going to Zouk and his jaws dropped in astonishment.

'How is it possible that you never went Zouk before?'

'I am not a Zouk person you know?'

'I used to chiong Zouk when I was a teenager.'

'But now you chiong GCB lor.. HAhahaha..'

Then we both laughed hysterically.

Weijun is chiong GCB one. If you got there often, you will see him there praying.

So using Weijun's GPS, we reached Zouk safely.... It was really a crazy night. Weijun hosted with very high energy and the people there were so crazy. They absolutely love his hosting as he was very funny too. At this time, Amai smsed me... LOL, asked me what I am doing. I told her I am at Zouk, watching my boss host an event. She wonders why I am always helping my boss to do all these misc stuff. I am becoming like his personal assistant.

Actually I don't mind doing all these nitty gritty stuff (he is not good at doing these) because he also taught me alot. He brings me to many places, know many people, taught me social skills, gave tips on how to act, gave tips on how to host... and so much more. All these things that he taught me are priceless. It might not worth a cent to people who are not interested in the entertainment circle but it is really priceless to me.

It is not everyday that someone offers to teach me how to host.

So therefore, doing a little favours like managing his computer stuff and going to his events are really fine with me. It's like barter trading.. :)

Monday, I went to ION Topman with Nick to choose clothes for his photo shoot. We took like 20+ pieces of clothes (not buy, just borrow). Then we went to a photo shoot studio to take pictures for his new ad. I took some videos of the process but I can't post it yet.

Tuesday I went to an event with him at somewhere near Expo. It was a SMRT party and Nick was hosting with Michelle Chong. He told me to watch how it is like to co-host. I also learnt a lot from Michelle Chong.

Wednesday, Nick came to my place to do some computer stuff and then we went to meet Xiao Qi Lin's troupe to discuss some event.

Thursday, which is today, I went to Passion hair salon (owned by David Gan) with him to style his hair, then we went to MAC to do his make up and lastly we went for a photo shoot for his new ad. It was also an eye opener to see Passion Hair Salon. That place is really very classy.

Tomorrow, there will be a hosting for Hyundai but I have no idea what event that is. Probably it's D&D.

So you see.. I actually do a lot of things and if I wanna take photos and blog, I can blog alot but I think it's a little boring lah for people who are not interested in events.

Just wanna say that my boss cum friend is a nice person. He has taught me many things, I am grateful. He seems to be very serious and stern at first but actually, he is also quite gila.. Like me.. LOL....

Today I took a photo with him at the studio.. just for fun~

Cute right~ I mean the bear.. LOL.. Sorry ah I look like ghost. I never put on make up so I photoshopped everything on my face away.. Hahaha.. I didn't photoshop my boss, he is real.. I am fake.. :P Never mind la.. fake is better than showing my real face. No make up, my face cannot see one!


Anonymous said...

MK, its really ok for you to blog about your boss everyday... cos its your blog.. you can choose to write what you want to write... Why must you bother what your readers want to read? Just write lah... I am the most loyal blog reader you know... so even if you dun blog about COI stuff, I am ok...

Miko said...

LOL, I dunno ma .. skali i start receiving complaints in my comments.. say I very boring!