Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back To School

Yesterday, I went with Nick for an event at Mandarin Oriental Hotel for Hyundai's DND. It was a very cute DND because the theme was Back To School. All the staff wore uniforms and because Nick and I don't have, we went to buy one. I told Nick that I can sell the uniform to the students after yesterday but he told me to keep it. One day we might just need it again.

Nick discussing the program of the night with the company's event committee~

When it was about time, we changed into the uniforms we bought... :D


My mum says that I still look like a 16 years old school girl with the uniform on... LOL.. Thanks leh, that is very kind of her. I think Weijun also looks like a college student.

True Story :

Me *holding the camera up*
Nick: What are you doing?
Me: I am taking video of you.
Nick *flashed his million dollar smile*
Nick: Don't disturb me.... I am doing my homework... on my iphone...

Confiscate your iphone ah! Assembly period still play with Iphone!!! Cooking or baking cookies like YH issit??? So uncool lor.

Nick's very super big glasses~

The Hyundai staff were very cute! They really dressed up in all these colourful uniforms and even did a little cute kiddish dance. I enjoyed their performance alot!!

Look at the below photos, I didn't adjust my camera's settings right. Too long never take photo with camera le. Almost forgot how to use one.

Do I look like a little school boy?? Somehow the glasses look good on him but not on me.. Weird, I got a bigger head than him mah so the big glasses should suit me more but I think he looks better with them.

Although I am just a bystander that night, I really enjoy myself very much. The Hyundai staff were very sporting and funny. They did lots of funny dances and actions. I almost felt like it is my own DND. I took some funny videos too but I cant post them yet. I will post when they are ready~

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