Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boin Boin

2 Boin Boins in the bus....

The orange one belongs to my mum which she will pass to my sis and the yellow one belongs to May which she will pass to her son, Jerry.

These 2 boin boins are gifts from dearest Ang. She bought them all the way from Taiwan. So nice right? She even bought things for the little ones at home. This boin thing is supposed to give out light when being thrown. I told dearest teacher Ang that she should use this to throw at the naughty xiao sheng in our troupe!

The yellow on belongs to May and YH asked May why her one has got a 'mole' on the face. May said that's because her boin boin is a 3花. My mum's one is a hua dan lor cuz it's redish. Then May said probably Ang want to hint her that she should be a 3花 that's why give her a boin boin with a mole on it.

So sad right, I mean if teacher want her be 3花 ca directly tell her one lor. Dun need to hint her like that. I believe May will be able to take it one. Like that so subtle, if may never get the hint then how right.

Fortunately, we are very bright students, we always read into our teacher's mind so we know.

Aiyah never mind la, since teacher already give u this hua dan role u just do lah. 20 hair pieces all put on ur head. Never mind one. We will support you ok.

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