Monday, June 11, 2007

Taiwan - Taipei Ferris Wheel

Finally, after 5 days of travelling around Taiwan, we are going back to Taipei! We all the way chiong from Gao Xiong to Taipei for a little girl's dream to see her idol.



On the way back to Taipei, Zhen yin finally saw something that made her excited. The Taiwan Gao Tie (bullet train). She has been trying to spot the bullet train ever since we were driving around the GX area. Finally we saw it but it was too fast, we didn't manage to get a photo of it. Ah boy said that we were really lucky as the train travels more in the tunnels.

We also managed to see the famous Jia Yi ferris wheel. Dunno what it is called but it is supposed to be famous as it is the biggest ferris wheel in Taiwan. How come I got the impression that Taiwan is full of ferris wheels?



Because.... there are really ferris wheels everywhere.


This is the one in Taipei, one of the shopping mall which I forgotten the name. We went to this shopping mall to walk walk cuz we had dropped the excited Zhenyin at Ba Da tv station to see her idol. We have got some time to spend so we came here to walk walk.

And why did Lao ma and Ah boy posing the same pose??? Aiyoh.



Acting cute ah??? Pui!


Lao ma feeling very relax and shiok on the ferris wheel, not at all afraid.

老媽悠哉遊哉的。。。。 爽,一點都沒有怕的感覺。

And THAT is Taipei 101! 這就是臺北101了!

Boy was looking intently at the scenery outside and pointed to me the place he worked. He told me that it was his first time taking this ferris wheel tho it had been built for a long time. Well.. all thanks to me right?!


The small hill behind is the place where YX worked. Yes, his workplace is on a mountain.

Later will blog about YX's birthday celebration! YAy!


SmartChic said...

耶!! 我终于转运了!谢谢四马路观音的 poh bi~~ haha...

那个是鼎鼎大名的 “剑湖山”

原来世界上最高的台北101跟我的小指一样长而以喔? :p

Miko said...

???Why only as long as Xiao zhu??