Monday, June 11, 2007


Hello everyone, my cousin very super duper. She spent alot of time everyday sleep at 2am and weekend sleep at 3.30am to complete her blog on our TW trip. Super right.. I write so long only just started to write about Taipei only.

Got time can go her blog see see, her writing style is quite funny, made me luff alot.

This is her first time blogging can so fast complete her blog, quite li hai le... unlike MAY who say want to open blog but till now got nothing lor!



SmartChic said...


嘻嘻~~ 谢谢英表姐的夸奖吼!


请大家多多支持我们表姐妹俩的台湾部落格 :p

Kongming said...

May very busy 1 mah... too bad no take photo of yuki... sob sob...

SmartChic said...

u mean 小猪7天的女朋友 yuki 啊?

bo bian leh, no one likes her so din stop her for autograph & photos leh then she walk very fast and disappear, cant take her pix...

u like yuki wor? >.<

Miko said...

ya,he is a fan of yuki leh but too bad I think yuki is not very popular in tw lor.