Sunday, June 03, 2007

Taiwan - Tai Zhong

The first toll station when we were going to TaiZhong. There are about 12 toll stations from Taipei to Gao Xiong. Ex like hell lor.

After 1 plus hour of driving, we arrived at a rest station to leak. The toilet is very cute rught~ got cartoon cartoon.
On the way, we saw many mountains and the above mountain is 'Huo Yan Shan'. So weird lor, maybe got 'tie shan gong zhu' licing inside. YX said that the soil of the mountian is red so it was named as Huo Yan Shan and in the above photo, can see that part of the mountain was splitted off cuz of the earthquake.

I saw Lee Hom outside a builfing. Such a big poster and Lee Hom so good looking lor. hahaha.

YX acting cool with the sunglasses...

We went to eat 'rou zao fan' (minced meat rice) at Taizhong then YX brought us to Yu Zhen Zhai to buy some Taiwan cakes. He said that Yu Zhen Zhai is very famous and has been around for a hundred years.

My mom bought a box of cakes and I bought this packet of 'tang cong'. A kind of crispy sweet sticks.This is the cake shop. I dunno what Lao ma and boy boy are talking about. Probably talking about what kind of cakes to buy.

After having a break at Taizhong, we proceeded to NanTou. The road to Nantou was long. Nantou is situated near to the mountains. See the spiky mountains?

From Nantou, we will then go to PuLi and then to a resort where we can pao wenquan.

Think YX drive until want to vomit le lor.

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