Saturday, June 23, 2007

Pei Jia's blog

My good fren, PJ, has got a blog too~ Hee hee.. I linked her up in my blog le but she talked alot about her work. If you interested in IT stuff, can go see see...

Quoted from PJ blog.

"I just read my best frends, mimi aka miko's blog about her bf aka YX and this makes me feel like commenting my Silly Meow aka francis aka dear too... hahaha..... You all must be wondering how come I use so many "aka" here... haha.. That is because sometimes I will call miko as mimi, dear as meow... miko will call me as pei pei, Judy as ah di... dear will call me as meow too...etc etc... oops... haha... I do not know why we like to call each other some other names but one thing for sure is, we enjoy doing that.... hahaha ..=p"

Hahah.. funny lor.. when I read this.

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