Saturday, June 09, 2007

Taiwan - Pu Li

After the wonderful sensation at the wenquan, we went to the pu li town to have dinner. Teppanyaki!

The menu is super super big. Good, then we can see the price clearly before going in. Unique. TW full of unique stuff.


YX said that Teppanyaki master can earn alot of money. The food was really nice and the gao li veg were really very good. Very crispy and very sweet, a totally different taste from those I ate in SG. You must try it if you have a chance.

鐵板燒師傅可以賺很多錢... 詠翔說的.很好吃哦.尤其是高麗菜.高山高麗菜果然比較甜,比較脆.

The basin in the toilet is quite pretty... In the shape of a flower. I told YX the basin quite cute and he actually wen to take a peek!


Then he came back and told me that he want to take a photo of the male's toilet to show me. So I lent him my camera.


Look what he took! 看看他拍什麽!

The male's toilet only got this boring rectangle basin lor. 男厠所只有普通的長方形洗臉盆.

After dinner, we went to a supermaket opposite walk walk. 吃過飯後我們到對面的超市逛逛.

And I found this!!! My god, they sell this seperation agreement in a supermarkt and at a low price of $1+ some more...


And this:
還有這個:This kind of envelopes. Can I know who use this kind of envelopes nowadays?


My god, why he took a photo with this? cuz we were luffing that this thing is so big that my underwear is smaller than it. Hahaha..

天啊,爲什麽他要跟這個拍照啊?因爲我們在笑這個怎麽那麽大,比内褲還大怎麽用啊? 哈哈...
Lao ma is so strong! 老媽子是大力士!

Is that erm... Harry Potter? 是哈利嗎?

On the way back to the hotel, we visited the Guan Yin waterfall but the big waterfall was blocked by a landslide. So we only saw the small water fall.


Looks like lao ma is getting along very well with YX.

Small waterfall = 小瀑布

Guan Yin Waterfall stone.

Took this photo at the carpark of the Hotel. It was quite challenging to take this photo as the litted letterings behind were blinking non stop. I took 2 or 3 tries to take this fully litted sign.


Finally finished writing about Pu Li, will write about GX in my next post!


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