Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Silly YX

Erm.. I wanted to KP abit again today. Recently I have been telling YX that i very buey song with him. Everyday I kp at him, everyday i tell him that he irritate me just like a small stone in my shoe. Very bad right? hahah but I cant help it leh. haiz..

The other day we had a quarrel and I scolded him upside down and he also shouted like mad. The second day, he went to buy this book on phsycology to try to know what I am so buey song about.

I also dunno why I buey song.

Yesterday we were on the phone and I was once again telling him off that he is irritating me and I feel like beating him up. Then I said things like I don't like him to do this and do that....

He told me,"I know whats your problem, when you were here in tw, you keep saying that this long seperation (we will not see each other for 3+ mths) will cost us to drift apart and this lets you feel insecure so you are always thrashing it out on me."

Me: Yah, maybe lor.

.. Silence......

Me: I want to beat u up lor, I will feel better that way.

YX: Just now that one is a the major evil reason and this is the minor evil reason.

I said: What minor evil?

YX: You want to beat me up but you can't do it now and you can't do it for another 3 months so you feel very irrtated.

ME: Yah lah!!! My god.. you know how much I want to pinch you? I want to pinch you, slap you and kick you hard so that you will fly and slam down on the floor with a loud 'BAM'!

YX: haiz, that is the precise reason why you are so buey song with me.

Me:Half half la.

YX: not only half half lor!!! Please lor! It's alot!

Me: WAhahahahaha!!!

Me: You still owe me 8 kicks.

YX: If hitting me can make you less pekcek, I dun mind you hit me.

Me: Please dun talk rubbish. You are saying this becuz you are not here and I can't hit you. I am going to accumulate all these pekcekness and hit you all at one go the next time I see you.

YX: Like that will be very painful.

Me: My words are final.

YX: I still remember your expression when you pinch me in TW. Your face so full of happiness and content.

Me: ............-_-"

YX: Serious, sometimes you get pek cek in TW also but after you pinch me, your pek cekness will reduce alot.

Me: WAhahahaha.. SHiok la! But now can't hit you, how?

YX: Haiz.. I also bo bian leh....
























我:哇哈哈哈哈!爽啦! 可是現在打不到你怎麽辦?



What a funny conversation~


At Taiwan airport, I was telling YX that he never smile properly in a photo before and I FORCED him to smile so I can take a photo. After scolding him several times, I got the photo I want.

在臺灣的機場時我說錘子怎麽從來都不好好微笑地拍照 。所以我逼他笑,讓我拍。在罵了他幾句后我終于得到我要的照片。

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