Monday, June 04, 2007

Taiwan - Ri Yue Tan

Dear guys, from now on my blog has to include both english and CHINESE for the sake of yx.


In my previous post, I said that we were going past some mountains to Nantou right.. We were going to Ri Yue Tan and I fell asleep on the way there. The road there was too long le la... Zzzz...


When I woke up, we already reached the carpark of Ri Yue Tan.. I got off the car and crossed the road. The first thing we saw was this...


Mini pig! 迷你豬!

Beautiful Ri Yue Tan! 美美的日月潭!

This was the second time lao ma visited Ri Yue Tan. She said that it looked different from 15 years ago.


Ugly YX.... stupid face. 丑丑的詠翔。

What the hell is this big big thing? Some kind of seed?

One of the shops had a puppet at their store front. Nice right? The costume quite delicately done.


Four of us posing with a stong lor. Nice stone.. pretty stone..


Ah Boy imitating the statue beside him. Sorry lor, I still think my bing ma yong is more seh.


hahaha... please lor.. my eyes looked bigger than Ah Mei Zu's eyes.. HAHAHAHA


The coaches in Taiwan very nice lor. nice and sweet. so colourful.... Singapore one all very boring.. blue.. white.. grey.. zzz...


After visiting Ri Yue Tan, we went to Xuan zhuang temple. YX say got Tang San Zang's she li zi inside. So we went to take a look. It was a bloody long way from ri yue tan to xuan zhuang si lor. We drove more than 99 turns around the mountains to reach it.

去過日月潭后我們就要去玄奘寺因爲那裏有玄奘的舍利子.老媽有興趣看.玄奘寺離日月潭很遠.超級無敵遠.Tang San Zang go collect scriptures.. why never see Sun Wu Kong???


Wu Kong is here!


Scenery outside the temple is very beautiful hor??? ooooooh... so nice.....


Ah boy and lao ma zi... Lao ma zi very happy.


Two monkeys! 有兩只猴子!

That's all for the ri yue tan tour.. Next time blog about Puli wenquan.


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