Monday, June 18, 2007

Taiwan - LanYang

After visiting Chuan Yi Centre, we went to a fortune god temple to watch Lanyang's opera. We reached there at about 4pm as YX needs to rehearse.

去過傳藝中心后, 我們到財神廟看蘭陽的演出。四點就到廟裏了因爲錘子他需要排戲。

Behind the temple is the Pacific Ocean and the other side of Pac Ocean will be America! Incredible right?


Er xin ah YX, that is Lanyang's stage. The white boards at the side of the stage were used for projecting the subtitles. Cool right?


Another Lagi er xin photo. Well, rehearsal haven't start cuz they wanna ban xian first and it was raining like hell.


YX, Xiao Du, Xiao Du's wife and Guo Yuan. I haven't seen Guo Yuan for a long time, he still looks the same!


Ban Xian... 扮仙。

They ban xian for 7 times that day! I watch until I dizzy lor.


YX rehearsing now~ 錘子在拍戲了。

After rehearsing for awhile, the actors went to an open space beside the temple for dinner. The food looks good but they are not nice at all! Yucks. I ate 2 mouthful and returned to the temple. The others were still eating happily. EEee.. I should have taken photo of the food but I forgot.


YX in action!! 錘子登場!

Some misc photos of the show:

Xiao Du in action too! 小杜也登場了!

The horse was YX... 馬臉是詠翔。

I took some videos too from the show but I need to compress them before uploading. Will do it another day. So tired now...


Kongming said...

wat show is this? nvm... wait for the video, i then guess...

Miko said...

yah.. I almost forgot about the video but actually it is very obvious from the photos le lor.

Anonymous said...

got bao gong, yan wang, emperor, blind lady...

leopard cat change prince ah? md